our love story

Josh and I met through a mutual friend. It all started when I was doing a semester in Hawaii and became really good friends with this girl named Maddie who was previously attending the same university I was in Idaho, and was sort of dating this guy named Jake who still went to the same school.

(Maddie and I, on our way to go surfin)

Jake and I became friends as he'd send Maddie flowers and I'd pick them up and display them in her dorm room. We'd talk a lot about Maddie and I'd give him ideas on how to surprise her and show her lots of love.

Meanwhile, Jake kept telling me about his roommate who everyone called "the Model" aka Josh. Jake kept talking about how he needed to set us up, we'd have beautiful babies etc. etc. Well, I looked up Josh and this is what I saw...


Any way, time went on and I got major island fever and decided to return to the university in Idaho. Even though Hawaii was tons of fun, I decided to leave the tropical paradise and continue an unfinished chapter.

 In April, 2011 Jake invited me over to meet some friends, Josh included. I remember the first time I saw Josh I thought he was attractive, but he only said one word to me, "hi". Later on he said he didn't want to seem annoying or have me feel like I couldn't get rid of him, (yeah, right).

Well, Josh talked to Jake about asking me out but Jake told him to wait until Fall semester because I was healing from a heartbreak and Josh still needed to figure some things out, like his future career...

Spring semester came and went and I never heard from Josh, I'd hang out with Jake but every time I was with him, Josh was never around.

Then that beautiful, perfect fall semester arrived and about the second week of school my roommate Breanne and her boyfriend (now husband) Alex (also brothers with Jake and roommates with Josh) said Josh was wanting to ask me out. He was described again as "the Model" and later on I found out about his other nicknames, "Abercrombie" and "Beautiful".

Alex asked if I'd be interested in going on a date with Josh, aaaand I agreed.

About two days later Josh gave me a call asking me out for friday night. We went frisbee golfing, fed ducks at the local pond, then went back to my apartment and talked for hours. The chemistry was flowing at rapid speeds, and I was instantly smitten.

We were inseparable after that.

We saw each other every day and then the following Wednesday on September 28th we watched "He's Just Not That Into You"  at his apartment (one of my all time favorites) and afterwards Josh walked me to my car.Well, guess what. My car was booted.

We talked some more as we waited for the lame people to come take the boot off of my car. The whole time Josh was very consoling.

After the boot was gone I went into my car, he closed the door, I started the engine, and he walked away. Then suddenly out of no where, he turned around, ran back, flung the door open, muttered "You forgot something" leaned in, and kissed me for the first time.

(by the way) Best. First. Kiss. Ever. 

And that's when I knew this guy was special.

So then we started to date...

December 2, 2011 we said "I love you" for the first time, well, I said it, then he did.

February 17, I flew out to visit him in Seattle (December 17, 2011- April 8, 2012 we suffered through long distance). He rented a limo, and proposed to me. (Roses were also present as I requested.)

On July 27, 2012 we finally got married.

And then we lived happily ever after.



  1. I LOVE THIS :) Such a cute storyyyyyy. I remember when I was in town for Kensey's Bridal Shower and we all hung out that night. We were at a clubhouse listening to music and Josh was there. You kept subtly hinting that you wanted to sit by him and eventually someone (probably Becca or Tamara) got him sitting next to you (he had a huge grin on his face, so obviously he was excited). You two were so precious and I could tell it was meant to be ;)

  2. You two are the most adorable couple I have ever seen, and your story (especially the part where he runs back to your car and kisses you like that) is just perfect stuff. Agh. I think I just died. :)

  3. That's sooooo cute!! I love it! And you both look like models for the record! ;)

  4. Cute!! My parents live in Denver! I love it there!

  5. Cute story! It's crazy how you were clearly guided to go to BYU-Hawaii for a reason. That always gets to me! haha.

  6. Absolutely adorable! I stumbled upon you through Motivating Monday link-up....and so glad I did! Enjoy your marriage and enjoy life. Everyday is such a gift.

  7. Beautiful photos~ love that dress!!

  8. This is too sweet!! Y'all are a beautiful couple and I love that ring!

  9. This is so beautiful!!! You two make a gorgeous couple, I am SO happy for you and yes, you will have beautiful babies I'm sure!!

  10. loved reading about your love story!! My sister is going to BYU-Idaho in the fall!! Glad to find other LDS bloggers out there! Excited to be following your blog!

  11. Very nice to read and a lovely couple you are! And I agree with Shelby, that ring is perfect!

  12. Beautiful story and such a beautiful ring! I love hearing how two people met and fell in love. I wish you both many years of happiness!

  13. i just found your blog and you are adorable! i absolutely love love, and hearing other peoples 'how they fell in love' stories. i can't wait to read more!

  14. p.s. i am in love with your ring, absolutely gorgeous! if he picked it out, then he did a good job.

  15. This is such a sweet story - really lovely to hear how couples meet. You guys are perfect for each other. Also your ring is so so beautiful!
    Eilidh xo