Monday, December 1, 2014

moving forward with one eye looking back

Madelyn recently out grew her 3 month clothes and is now wearing her 6 month and 6-9 month (yikes) clothes.

Every time I put a size away I feel like she's one step closer to not being my little baby anymore. A step closer to being independent and not needing me as much as she does right now. It's hard to think about how she won't be the same forever, and heartbreaking to know that I won't be the only person she ever needs.

Right now I love that she prefers me to comfort her. I love all the times when someone is holding her and she starts crying until I pick her up, then she instantly calms down and melts in my arms.

I just want her to be my baby forever and for this phase to never end.

I'm going to miss when the days of her fat rolls and squishy cheeks are just a memory. I'll miss rocking her to sleep and looking down at her as she sleepily nurses.

But I know I'll love my big independent girl that comes from the tiny baby I birthed, the Madelyn I know and love. And even though I'm desperately grasping onto her innocence and this stage of her life, I'll still be excited to see who she becomes and to witness all of those important milestones like when she starts to crawl or those first steps. 

But there will always be a part of me that's so sad that my baby is growing up too fast. And even though I know every stage and age is exciting, I sure will miss these days.

So goodbye 3 month clothes, goodbye months 1-5. Goodbye to those memories that I wish lasted just a little bit longer. 



  1. Oh I hear yA they grow up so fast :( I can't believe mine will be three months already :(


    1. I feel ya! It's way too fast! I felt like I blinked once and suddenly my baby was 3 months, then I blinked again and she's almost 6 months :(