Friday, December 12, 2014

meet kevin

This week has been the much dreaded "finals week" for Josh, which has been equally as dreadful for the babe and I. He's been staying up until 3 AM cramming and sipping his energy drinks and it's the saddest thing ever. And not sure if Madelyn is teething or just wants to join in on the whole not sleeping thing but she hasn't been napping at all and currently enjoys waking up screaming every 1-2 hours at night. So we've all turned into zombies. But after today he is done for the semester and on to bigger, better things, like Christmas break! Maybe some sleep, if we're lucky. And of course, a trip to the Seattle zoo which is a must this time of year.

Any way, while Josh was studying at home the other day I took the baby to the grocery store with me and right outside of Safeway there was a "mini" tree sale going on. After mauling it over for about 5 seconds I decided to splurge and get our family's first ever Christmas tree! Seriously, I'm such a slacker when it comes to holiday shopping/decorating. But since this is M's first Christmas I feel like I can't slack any more and for now on all holiday's must be memorable and planned! Plus, I got this adorable baby ornament for her and I didn't want it to go to waste, so logically one must buy a Christmas tree, lights, tinsel, ornaments, you know, the works.

So, I picked a random little tree that looked stout and slung it into the cart, where it eventually took up way too much room and I had to pile milk jugs, cereal, and other non-memorable items on top of one another so the beloved yet fragile tree wouldn't snap in half.

^^^ Madelyn and Kevin bonding in the meat section of Safeway.

After bringing the little tree home Josh and I were so giddy to finally have our own Christmas tree and in the excitement we decided that we want to start a family tradition of naming our Christmas trees after characters from our favorite Christmas movies. We felt like our first tree should be from a classic, so we picked Kevin, the kid from Home Alone. (It was either that or Buzz, but alas, Buzz, the snotty older brother of Kevin shall be saved for another year.) And well, it just stuck. Not sure if people might find this tradition weird or not. Guess I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls too much at night while I blog and it gives me a desire to name inanimate objects and try to talk much wittier than I'm capable of. So please excuse any weirdness radiating out of this post, it's just so hard getting Lorelei out of your head, you know?

So after spending an hour decorating my first ever Christmas tree without the help of my mother and with a baby on my hip I took one look at it and thought, well this is hideous. What a waste of money. And it truly was ugly. I highly underestimated how much girth a tiny tree could posses, and my lights and tinsel didn't even go to the top. It was so sad and pathetic. But the next day I went to Target and bought much more tinsel and ornaments. Then when I got home I took eveything off the tree and redid the whole thing and finally it was/is perfect in every way.

So Without further ado, blogging world, meet Kevin. Kevin, this is the internet.

^^^ Kevin showing off the pretty ornaments that took FOREVER to put together, should have known $5 ornaments from Target wouldn't include hooks, but little strings that would not hold a knot.

 ^^^ And of course, Kevin in his full glory with the lights turned off and everything.

I'm getting pretty used to having the little guy around. Maybe we'll keep him. Also, yay for pine needles in the carpet (insert clapping hands emoji)!


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  1. How cute! Love the picture of Madelyn in the shopping cart :) SO CUTE!