Wednesday, December 31, 2014

a road trip in photos

This weekend Josh, Madelyn, and I took a road trip from Seattle to Spokane to be reunited with some of our besties from Idaho, Missy and John and their baby Myla. We hadn't seen them in a year and a half (since they were pregnant with Myla and Madelyn wasn't even created yet).

We had such a great time, and then it ended way too soon and as we were heading out the door Missy and I realized (while we were in sweats, with uncombed hair and makeup-less faces) we hadn't taken ONE photo together the whole time. We thought about snapping one real quick but the babies were screaming and we didn't want to document our beauty at that particular moment, so we didn't take any pictures. 

But, Missy, who is very artsy and talented took our family pictures while we were there and I'm super excited to see them and put them on the bloggity blog. Until then, here are some of the pictures I took during our road trip. (I used the Step App, which is free on the App Store to edit the pictures and I feel really good about how they turned out.) 

^^^ We ran into a little bit of snow and fog along the way which slowed us down a little, but, it was SO beautiful inside the mountain pass we didn't even care!

^^^ Madelyn is officially in love with Baby Einstein. She haaaates her carseat but whenever we put on Baby Einstein she just stares and laughs hysterically. It instantly turns her into the happiest baby. We'd just pull out our phone and she'd get so excited and start laughing because she knew Baby Einstein was coming. But seriously, is it normal for a baby to sit still and scream and laugh and love a show that much already?

^^^This was my favorite part of the road trip, Madelyn was sleeping and Josh and I were talking about the future then it started to snow and I looked over at this gorgeous lake and snapped this photo. I think I might print this picture and hang it in our apartment. There is something so dreamy about the way the fog was sitting on the snowy mountains, and that little island full of trees in the middle of a dark, eerie lake. 

^^^ And I guess every roadtrip needs a selfie, so there's that. Now, moving on.

^^^ Never thought I'd miss snow, but after being around it for a few days I kind of do. Come on Seattle, send some flurries over here!

^^^ All is well once those little eyes close. Shortly after this photo was taken I laid my head down on her little legs and took a nap with her. It was one of those perfect moments when everything in the world is aligned and all is well.