Thursday, December 4, 2014

6 months

I can't believe my tiny little baby is half a year old today! Where is this time going?! 

Also, I apologize for the insane amount of baby pictures I'm posting. What can I say, she's the cutest!!


- Rolls over like a champ.
- Stands with little help.
- Puts everything in her mouth.
- Reaches and grabs things easily.
- Giggles and laughs daily now.
- Hangs on like a koala bear when being held.
- Changing her diaper has turned into an olympic sport where she twists and turns and grabs as many baby wipes as she can. The other day I was holding her legs in the air and she had this spaz attack and twisted her whole body around so she was pretty much hanging off her changing table while covered in poop and I had to call Josh into the room for help.
- She always say "mmm" "maaaa" and blows air through her lips to communicate.

Currently Working On:

-Sitting up by herself.
- Army crawling.


- Splashing in the bathtub.
- Being held by mommy and daddy.
- Anything crinkly. 
- Bright colors.
- Babbling and screaming.
- Kisses and hugs.
-Nuring, she only falls asleep nursing now.
- All of her toys.
- Baby Einstein.
- Frozen (Seriously, that's the only movie she'll watch with me).


- Her carseat.
- ... The car in general.
- When I leave the room.
- Being swaddled.
- Her bed, whoops, looks like we're co-sleeping now.
- The wind in her face.
- Being cold (such a summer baby).
- Sometimes life in general, hah.

I love you Lynie Bug! Happy 1/2 Birthday!!!

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  1. Aw she is so so cute!! Jane had that same little shirt when she was madelyns age :) looking back...6 months is such a fun age :)