Monday, September 1, 2014

life lately

I think it's time for another:" the good, the bad, and the funnies" post

The Good:

-All of Madelyn's little squeks and coos, SO adorable. I can't believe how quickly she's learning and growing.
-By the way, thank you everyone for all of the tips on curing colic. I don't know if Madelyn is just growing out of it, or if everyone's tips are really working but she has been SO much better! Going from 7 hours of crying to 1 is huge and I'm really hoping she stays this easy-going.
- Josh started dental school, which could be good or bad hah. He's so excited though and I love making him 5 course lunches every day.
- Madelyn had her baby blessing yesterday and was blessed in the same dress I wore when I was blessed, so tender!

The Bad:

-Madelyn's 2 biggest diaper blow outs happend to be in public while nursing. I'm starting to think I need to bring a change of clothes for both of us. This last one was at a doctor's office and I had to  walk out to my car with a giant circle of poop on my skirt.
-Now that Josh is 26 he got kicked off his parents insurance, boo for growing up.
-Baby girl is now in 3 month clothing, which I'm SO sad about. Can't believe how fast she's growing up.
- Flew with Madelyn a couple weeks ago and on the way home she cried the ENTIRE time, I felt so bad because I know she felt miserable but wow, that really shattered my nerves.
- This morning Josh and I woke up to baby poop on our bed and then shortly after our cat pooped on our bed too. It was one of those moments when I asked "Why me?".

The Funnies:

- Our cat Wendy is still suuuper scared of Madelyn. Whenever the baby cries she high tails it out of the room. You'd think after 3 months she'd get used to it, nope.
- The other night I was sitting in bed with Madelyn when I noticed a huge spider crawling down the wall. I called my cat and he then proceeded to eat it in one bite. In case you were wondering, that's why you get animals. The circle of life is a beautiful thing.

- I've been working on this post for a solid three weeks but as soon as I start typing Madelyn wakes up so I keep having to redo it with more recent updates.

Stay tuned for a Firmoo Eyeglasses review coming soon!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts! I'm sure it's fun to go back and read about the time you got poop on your skirt :) I definitely will have to do this or write down these things in a journal when I have kids, fun way to document memories!