Monday, June 2, 2014

touring seattle with jade

This weekend my best friend since I was the ripe age of 14 and her sweet family came to Seattle! Jade is my oldest friend, and just got engaged. She's one of those friends that I can go a year without seeing but the moment we're together it's like we never missed a beat and we're right back where we left off. Probably why we're still best friends, our friendship just can't ever fizzle out, she's a forever friend. It was SO good to see her, talk wedding/baby stuff, and get a little taste of home (Colorado). 

(Previous post about Jade here)

Josh works at Argosy Cruises which gives water tours of Seattle so he got us on a tour for free! You go babe!  It was the first touristy thing I've done since moving here, and I fell in love with this city. I mean, I already loved it, but I didn't realize JUST how gorgeous it is. Even though Seattle is expensive, I'm so glad we're here in such a beautiful and unique part of the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: Seattle

^^^ 38 weeks pregnant woohoo!
^^^ California Sea Lions sunbathing

^^^ Josh getting creative with the camera :)

^^^ Jade and her family got me beautiful pink peonies which are currently making my apartment finally feel like a home!

 Thanks for visiting Jade, and make sure to come visit again really soon!