Thursday, April 10, 2014

city life

Don't worry. I am very much alive, just more tired, rounder, and sore. Baby girl has some seriously strong legs, and she loves kicking my ribs to remind me to sit up straighter. We're a good team, her and I. She's watching out for my back, making sure I don't have a hunch when I'm older and I give her fun organs to jump on and kick. But more about her next week when I do a bump update!


Current Happenings:

Josh and I finally got some jobs and made the move from his parents' house to the big ol' city of Seattle. We're official Seattleites now with bus cards, reusable grocery bags, and live within walking distance from 3 (actually, probably 4) Starbucks. My whole life I've dreamed of living in a big city. I love skyscrapers, crowded streets (mostly for people watching purposes), and all the hippies and tree huggers. Growing up in Colorado Springs, CO and then going to college in Rexburg, ID there was never much going on. But in a big city there's always something happening within walking distance, and tons of new people to meet. I love that there's a grocery store a block and a half away. You never have to drive to things like the movie theater or a restaurant because everything you need is within walking distance. And there are countless parks, a zoo, museums, basically everything you could think of close by.

But I've discovered that there are definitely some down sides while living in the city.

+ Everyone generally looks like they want to hurt me like 89% of the time.
+ Speaking of, don't go to the Goodwill at night. Especially if it's located in "the hood". I've never been so scared in my life. 
+ We pay probably double, maybe even triple the amount of rent as our friends who live in other places for a pretty small/very old apartment. Oh and the apartment is also located one block from a slightly ghetto part of town. A part where people yell at each other on the sidewalks, smoke some (probably) illegal things, and it's where all the hobos live. As in the hobos don't beg for money there because everyone is so poor, they just live there because they feel more at home then they walk 10 blocks to a nicer part of town to ask for money.

^^^ Behold, our kitchen. The fridge doesn't open up all the way because the counters are too close together.
+ Sometimes people smoke pot on the sidewalks. That's always a fun smell when you're pregnant. (Pot is now legal in WA so that smell is pretty common, especially when you live so close to the University).
+ Traveling anywhere takes twice as long. Holy traffic batman! You might as well walk those 20 blocks because it'll take you 45 minutes in the stop and go traffic. Anytime I go anywhere we have to leave twice as early because who knows how long it'll take. And anyone who knows Josh will understand that leaving early at all is practically impossible, so we're late. A lot. And by late, I mean 30-45 minutes late. A lot.
+ I'm not sure how I feel about public transportation. I pay $5 every day so I can get on a (late) bus, sit by a sea of complete strangers who smell like cheese and cologne and other interesting smells I don't really want to investigate, then arrive at my destination (late). 
+ Instead of turning into a blooming social butterfly who is living it up in the city, I'm becoming a bitter hermit who doesn't want anyone to look at her or touch her. But at least my cats still love me. And Josh, he'll always love me. I'm thinking most of our weekends are going to be the same as they were in Rexburg: a redbox movie, cuddling, and ice cream.

And now here are our actual life updates and what has been taking up my time:

+ We ordered countless furniture which we are still slowly putting together. As a side note, we deserve a pat on the back for building a dresser without killing each other. If you want to test your patience and marriage, order a dresser from Walmart where the instructions have no words, only pictures, and the pieces and 5 different types of screws all look the same on paper. Now that was a fun couple of days.  
+ Unpacking. And by unpacking I mean I come home from work every day and unpack a box (or half a box) then I watch shows on Netflix and go to bed. 
+ Nesting. Now that we have our own place words cannot describe how much I enjoy buying little outfits for baby girl. Sometimes we go to Target just so I can look at all the baby stuff, we don't buy anything (our checking account is very sad and small right now), but it sure is fun pretending!

And now for some baby bump pictures (in case you don't follow me on Instagram, "fashionlovelauren").

^^^ 25 weeks
^^^ 27 weeks (I'm sorry the quality is HORRIBLE. I need to start taking selfies with my Canon Rebel instead of an Android phone)
^^^ 29 weeks, messy new apartment that still looks about the same.
^^^ 30 weeks

Until next time, homies!



  1. A) I am jealous of your Seattleite status. I could not convince Zach to move anywhere near downtown, as much as I soo dreamed of it!
    B) You're the cutest pregnant woman ever.
    C) I live in Tacoma now, like an hour away from you, but can we still be friends?? Hahah

  2. I know you don't "know" me- I actually recently made my blog private, but I live by Seattle so if you ever need a friend/some girl time I'm here! I know I seem creepy lol. My Instagram is atiekayosterfay if you'd like to "meet" me

  3. I hear ya! I just moved to Vancouver in September, and it is a really big city. There are a lot of positives to being in the city, but at the same time city life can be overrated. (Probably cause I am poor and cant go out and enjoy cool stuff)

  4. I have missed reading your blog!! It was nice to hear an update :)