Thursday, January 30, 2014

we're moving to...

SEATTLE! (Even though we're technically already here!)

Josh was officially accepted into The University of Washington School of Dentistry today, our number one choice!! UW has one of the top dental programs in the nation and is extremely competitive, plus his family lives here so we are ecstatic! Not much better news than hearing you got into your dream school. 

Plus Seattle is like the coolest city in the country, I'm pretty sure I was born to live here. So we are all very happy, and I'm so relieved to finally know where our baby will be born, and where we'll be living for the next 4 years. Everything can start magically falling into place.

To celebrate I made his favorite meal for dinner, and now it's time to start looking for jobs and housing, finally!!



  1. How exciting! Seattle is such a nice place!! Congrats!

  2. I LOVE SEATTLE!!!! Steve's family is from there as well and we're hoping to be moving there in May!

  3. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! :) I love Seattle <3


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