Friday, January 17, 2014

wendy darling

We adopted Wendy this past September, right before we found out I was pregnant. Being from the same liter as Wesley we knew she'd feel right at home with us. But soon after she started having some major health problems. When she was really little the growth plate in her right shoulder was shattered and because she was in an animal shelter it never got tended to so her bone grew crooked and she can't really use that leg now.

She's also gotten sick frequently. Respiratory infections, high fevers etc. And then she stopped growing at 3 months old, while Wesley doubled her in size she stayed little. 

Any way, last week we took her to the vet and her blood results came back positive for FIV, the feline version of HIV which eventually leads to AIDS. She probably got it from her mother during birth, which means Wesley most likely has it too. 

Their lives will be shortened compared to most other animals. They can't go outside because they catch viruses and diseases much easier than other animals, and of course we don't want the virus to spread. Then one day FIV will turn to AIDS and we'll have to put them down.

You never really imagine that the little kittens you adopted will have a terminal illness leading to an early death. It's sad that you open your heart to an animal, they become a part of your family, and then they always die before you're quite ready. Yet, they're so worth it.

Wendy (and probably Wesley) will have short lives but I'm glad that they won't die alone in a shelter. They've known love, had people to cuddle and maul them with affection. Even if their time here is short, it will be good.

This post it mostly about Wendy, how all the odds have been against her for her entire life. But it's also to encourage all of you guys to test your pets for terminal illnesses, and to encourage pet shelters to test their animals too. 

So here's to Wendy, the sweetest kitty that didn't deserve to be sick and whom I love.

Weird animal lover rant is officially over!



  1. She is beautiful & I'm glad she is in a loving home!! They become part of the family & it's sad when you know you don't have long with them.

  2. What a sad and beautiful story. Please take care of her.

  3. Lauren, nooooo! I love you! Slater and I are sending big hugs to you and your kitty cats. And Josh, too, of course. So glad they have such a loving family to spend their lives with. Thanks for spreading the word about getting your animals tested. <3

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