Tuesday, January 28, 2014

20 weeks (halfway there!)

^^^ Just finished dinner so bump is looking extra voluptuous


How far along? 20 weeks 3 days

Baby's size: A small cantaloupe!

Total weight gain: About -4 of my pre pregnancy weight, slowly but surely it's all coming back.

Maternity clothes? I've bought a few things but let's be honest, I mostly wear yoga pants and a t-shirt any way.

Best moment this week: Josh felt the baby kick for the first time! For over a week I kept putting his hand on my stomach anytime she was moving and he'd always say he couldn't feel her. Then on Sunday we were laying around the house and she started going crazy and I put his hand right where she was moving and she kicked him like 5 times in a row. 

Miss Anything? Having a job and money, does that count?

Movement: All the time, she is sooo active! Especially at night before I go to bed, it seems she always gets a second wind at night.

Food cravings: Peanut butter cookies and carrots with ranch. Not together though, definitely not together.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still can't stomach pork, even the thought or smell makes me gag. And dirty dishes with food on them makes me feel especially queasy. 

Gender: GIRL! And I'm SO excited! I used to think I didn't care, which I didn't, but ever since finding out my baby's a girl I can't stop looking at baby girl clothes and girly nursery decorations. She is going to be one loved kid :)          

Symptoms: You know, I am finally feeling great! Besides having to pee more frequently, the fact that my midsection has never been so big in my life, and a small fetus is kicking the heck out of me I don't even feel pregnant. I feel myself again and that is a beautiful thing!

Belly Button in or out? Still in, not even close to sticking out. 

Looking forward to: Josh and I should be hearing back from the University of Washington dental program and the Army either this week or the next and then we'll finally be able to plan out our lives and start looking for jobs and housing! I cannot wait to get all settled and prepare for baby girl's big arrival. Because let's face it, my nesting instincts have already kicked in and I'm sure they'll only get worse.



  1. I can't believe how dark your hair is! It looks identical to mine.. could just be the lighting.. you look beautiful girl! I can't believe you are already half way done!

  2. Nice read! I like the suggestions.