Friday, December 6, 2013

finding out i'm pregnant

I've gotten a few requests asking about when and how I found out I was pregnant, so I just thought I'd share the story on here!

Well, it started one day when I began feeling kind of queasy, almost like I was starting to come down with the flu or food poisoning. Only it wouldn't go away and I kept feeling worse. I was freaked out that I was pregnant so I bought a pregnancy test and it was negative. 

Then I started getting these horrible migraines, they were so bad I was getting tunnel vision, seeing spots, etc. And one time I took one sip of my blessed Dr. Pepper and instantly threw it up, which is very unusual since that's my nectar of life. At that point I bought another test, which was still negative. 

A couple days later I was having mild cramps, so I started researching online and every where said I was either pregnant or terminally ill, awesome.  "Can I just be neither?" At this point I knew something was happening in my body because this just wasn't normal. I bought a third pregnancy test and again, it was negative. I started contemplating whether or not the tests were accurate or if I had cancer or something!

Well I was due for a yearly check up any way so I called a doctor and scheduled to go in later that week. Once I was there I told him about my nausea, cramping, and headaches. He told me to take another pregnancy test but I told him I took three that were all negative so I knew I wasn't pregnant and I doubted my insurance would pay for it, but he insisted.

So I did. I peed in a little cup and a few minutes later a nurse came in congratulating me. By then I was relieved that I didn't have cancer or anything since my body was so out of wack and it didn't really hit me right then. The doctor came in again and talked to me about pregnancy, what to do and not to do etc. Then he asked if we were trying and I said no and that it was a huge accident and he responded by saying, "Wow, you guys must be really fertile." Awesome. The person who doesn't really want kids is super fertile. He also said that since I was already really nauseas that was a good sign that the baby would go full-term and it was very healthy. (I was only 3.5 weeks when I found out... so that was almost 10 weeks ago!)

Josh was at work so I picked him up and told him. His initial response was literally,  "Crap. When are you due? You won't have the baby during finals week will you?" I assured him that he would be graduating in April and the doctor was guessing I wasn't due until late May or early June (wrong, middle of June). 

Of course I can't keep a secret to save my life so later that weekend we told our families. I told my supervisors at work and my teachers because I was starting to get really sick and medicine wasn't helping. 

A few weeks later we went in for our first ultrasound, it still looked like a tadpole...

Then a few weeks later I was diagnosed with hypermesis, at that point I had lost 15 pounds and the doctors were worried about the baby. They couldn't find a heartbeat so I got another ultrasound! Lucky me! This time the fetus looked much more like a baby and for the first time I was actually happy about being pregnant and I thought that maybe, just maybe, all of this throwing up would be worth it. 

^^^ So little! We've had another ultrasound since and baby's legs are very long and dangly now.
And now for a few bump update pictures, only two days away from the second trimester!!

^^^ No I'm not sticking my belly out in case you were wondering :)
^^^ Notice how loose all my clothes are now! I can't fit into anything because of all the weight I've lost. I'm guessing that'll change very soon though.
^^^ My first baby.



  1. awww congratulations! such a lovely & witty post, loved it!

    p.s love the cat too! :)

    1. Thank you so much! It makes my day when people complement my writing skills :)) And that little kitty is quite a cutie!

  2. Thanks for sharing your sweet story! So happy for you! Can't wait to read more updates about your little babe!


    1. Thank you Jen! I'm excited to finally be able to talk about my pregnancy on the blog. Keeping that secret is near impossible!

  3. This is such a great story to tell your baby one day! I cant believe you took a bunch of pregnancy tests and they came out negative. Maybe it was just too early to detect? i have no idea. Good luck! xo

  4. What a great story!! I have also had friends that have taking many tests before finding out that they were pregnant!
    You look so cute!