Tuesday, December 31, 2013

baby bump update: 16 weeks

Pregnancy and I have a love hate relationship. Mostly hate, but every now and then a little dash of love gets thrown in there. Week 16 has been especially interesting. 

The Bad

Yesterday I hit an all time low. After picking up Josh from the airport I was feeling incredibly queasy so I insisted he pulled off the freeway at the next exit. And the only building there was a bar. By the time we got there the vomit was already coming up so I didn't making it to the bathroom and had to throw up outside. Right in front of the freeway. All I could think about was all the other people who have probably thrown up there too. 

Then after I finished throwing up my nose started gushing blood. I swear. Ever since arriving in Colorado I get a bloody nose every dang day. So while holding my nose with blood gushing out I ran into the bar with Josh right behind me (yeah it probably looked like my husband just beat me) and went straight to the bathroom where my nose gushed for another few minutes. It. Was. Horrible.

I've come to the conclusion that my fetus hates me. A lot. I personally think he or she should be grateful but instead I get this feeling of resent and loathing every time I puke. Little person, you are not making a great first impression!

The Good

I'm like 96% certain I felt the baby for the first time. It wasn't a kick but it kind of felt like the wee babe did a complete somersault inside of me and I've never felt anything more strange in my life. Also every now and then I feel my tummy and certain spots will be really hard as if the babe's leaning in right there or something. 

The best though was when Josh felt one of the hard spots and got real excited. He's going to be a good dad. Seeing him with my nieces and nephews this week has been soooo adorable. He's so patient and kind and I've already come to the conclusion that he's going to be the favorite parent. 

Another good part about pregnancy is how emotionally stable I've been. I've heard some girls go crazy when pregnant and I was afraid that I'd be one of them because that's exactly how I was on the pill (sorry husband) but I've been pretty stable and not over emotional (except the Catching Fire trailer which makes me cry every time I see it - random, I know). My skin has also been super great since being pregnant, I've had maybe 3 zits in the past 16 weeks, not too bad. So I guess minus the throwing up pregnancy has been good to me.

(Side note: Just got a new Canon Rebel Ts3 and am figuring it out so I'm sorry these pictures are a wee bit blurry, I'll make sure to read the manual before my next shoot)

^^^ Yes, I just ate a big dinner so my belly is sticking out a little more than usual.


How far along? 16 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain: Still in the negatives but I have gained back a few pounds. Currently -14 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes? My pre-pregnancy clothes are still too big so not yet! I got an H&M gift card for Christmas though and I'm looking forward to splurging in their maternity section in a couple months.

Best moment this week: Getting a pedicure with my sister-in-law and eating at Qdoba, nothing has ever tasted so good in my life!

Miss Anything? Not feeling sick like 80% of the time, although my morning sickness is slooowly getting better.

Movement: Just once!

Food cravings: Qdoba chicken burrito, like can I eat that for every single meal? I'm also really into baked potatoes lately. Especially the broccoli cheddar baked potato from Jason's Deli. Oh, pizza is good too especially Hawaiian style. And kiwis, peanut butter, an occasional oreo milkshake seem to be frequently sounding good. I always thought I'd be a huge health nut and work out a ton while I was pregnant-nope. You kind of just have to eat anything that sounds good just to gett some calories in, and don't even mention exercising. Sitting up to watch TV for too long makes me have to throw up.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Practically everything not listed above. But especially sweets (minus that oreo milkshake), yuck! And any foods I didn't like before ex. onions, chili, mushrooms, tomatoes are heightened now. Just the thought makes me queasy.

Gender: We find out at our next appointment!                       

Symptoms: Vomiting still blah, rapid hair growth (the one perk!), bloody noses, occasional headaches.

Belly Button in or out? In. I have a very deep belly button, it's so deep you can't even see the bottom of it so I'm thinking it'll be "in" for a while.

Looking forward to: My New Years Eve kiss & finding out the gender. Josh and I finally picked out names and I can't wait to stop calling the wee one "it" or "fetus" haha. PS the name is going to be a surprise not told to anyone until after the birth.



  1. Lauren, I am so excited for you! I can tell that this pregnancy hasn't been easy, but you are going to make a wonderful mom!

  2. Congrats! Sorry about the morning sickness though. I got it bad with all my pregnancies! It's the worst, the upside it goes away! How exciting for you both to find out ahead of time! I'm going to be doing a lot of posts with baby stuff coming up. Stay tuned! Thanks for sharing your story at the party! Hope to see you again. Theresa @DearCreatives