Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a few photos that never made it on the blog - until now

Today was just a great day. My last post I mentioned that I've been having some health problems and feeling pretty sick, but I'm finally staring to feel myself again. It's weird how I used to take my health for granted, and once it was on the rocks that was all I could think about. My heart goes out to those who struggle with their health, too. It's not easy functioning and feeling happy when everything in your body is wacky. Seriously, I applaud all those who have kids to take care of and/or a full-time job, who just keep going and going. I don't know how you do it.


Well. In honor of my brightened mood I'm posting some old pictures I just found on my computer that never quite made the cut to end up on here. Until now. They bring back so many happy memories, couple that with some good ol' Christmas music, a dr. pepper and you got yourself a pretty dang good night. 


Now, random picture dump, begin!

^^^ I'm definitely turning into one of those cat people that like, really loves their cat. And I'm not even ashamed. 
^^^ This was taken just a couple months after we got married, Josh's expression gets me every time.
^^^ That one time I was going to do a hair tutorial... then I never did. That happens more than I'd like to admit.
^^^ The cuteness slays me! Wish he was still a wee lass.
^^^ Josh's crazy eyes really give this picture a whole new level of greatness. He gets way into those cheesy movies on the Sci-Fi channel. And I love it.

^^^ Christmas morning with the in-laws, I was SO excited to get the mirror from my wedding registry!

^^^ About 80% of my photos look something similar to this.
^^^ Can you guess who this ornery little 5-year-old amiga is? That would be me. You'd think I'd be happier since I was at Disneyland!
^^^ Our very first picture ever taken together. We bought a fish, which was dead by the next morning. At least we have better luck with kitties. 
^^^ And a picture from today. My cuddle buddy, all day every day.
This time of the year is full of happy memories, and I'm so excited to make so many more with the love of my life. Also, I'm so greatful for my mom who flew all the way to Idaho last minute to take care of me, and for my sisters who are always calling me and sending me care packages to help me feel better. You guys rock. I'm thankful for all of you readers who are the sweetest and raddest people. Every time you comment on here I get the biggest smile and feel like I'm hearing from a long time friend. 

And I'm thankful for good days like today when everything just feels right in the world, like I can conquer anything. I'm sending lots of happy thoughts your way and hope you all have a wonderful night.