Tuesday, October 8, 2013

life lately: the good, the bad, and the funnies

Between a new semester, big projects at work, aaaaand moving I have been so so busy. But here's a little update so you know I'm still thinking about you guys.

the funnies:

+ At a resturant and Josh says a little too loud while a group of men pass our table, "Let's go home and work on sec's" talking about his secondary applications for dental school but not realizing abbreviating that sounds like sex. Then those men all turned around and did a complete double take. Josh got like 50 shades of red. 
+ My work produced a new video for their website and guess what, I was in it pretending to talk on the phone to customers (even though that's not even what I do there). The whole time I just talked to the girl filming about Wesley and how, of course, I'd run out of my eyebrow pencil the day we're filming so I'm self conscious about my nonexistent brows (childhood traumatic experiences on the playground).
+ Finding someone else's lingerie in my clean clothes pile. Married people should never have to use a laundry mat. Ever. She had good taste though. 
+ We mooooooved to an apartment that is literally 3 times bigger than our old one, for only $30 more a month! Oh and, Wesley is no extra charge. And did I mention they provide free internet and satellite TV? Because they do. 

the bad:

+ Crutches. Need I say more? I sprained my ankle playing basketball and was  on crutches for three.weeks. And what's even worse? Attending college on crutches. My armpits had never chaffed so much.in.my.life. Oh, and don't even get me started on traveling in an airport on crutches. I've never hated my life so much than when I was trapped, unable to move or risk someone thinking my luggage was a bomb, for 8 hours in the Raleigh airport waiting for Josh's delayed flight. 
+ Wesley decided to declare my backpack as a litter box. So it looks like I'm getting a new backpack for my last semester since mine is completely rancid! 

the good:

+ Crutches? Well, at least my arm muscles are rippling these days.
+ Finally going to North Carolina. Ohmygosh. Officially even more obsessed. 
+ Adopting Wesley's sister Wendy from the animal shelter. No really. They were from the same litter. I loved her from first glance but Josh liked Wes more so we adopted him. But we felt bad leaving him home alone allll day, so we adopted a wee playmate. They're adorable. Ohmygoodness. 

And that's it for today! 


  1. Wesley and Wendy are adorable! That's so lovely of you guys to adopt her too. I'm sure you've made them both extremely happy.
    Your new apartment sounds absolutely amazing! xx

    1. Thanks so much! we love our kitties :). Once we finally get our apartment set up I'll have to take some pictures for the blog.

  2. Such a cute pair of kittens! I was on crutches last summer for 6 weeks and girl I feel your pain :-) Hope you enjoyed your little visit to NC! It's my favorite state!!!

    1. Oh woof! 6 weeks!? I. Am. So. Sorry. I thought 3 weeks was bad, I have so much respect and sympathy for you right now. And NC is my favorite state too :)

  3. your hair is amazing! I love your blog
    totally following and I can't wait to see more
    xo Jessica
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