Thursday, October 10, 2013

getting in my head

Currently RUnning Through My Mind:

+ I used to get ready for school every day. But I'm much too exhausted to wake up that early, and it is starting to slightly affect my self esteem. 
+ I go to bed by 10:30. Every night.
+ I have two kittens. No shame. They make me happy. Josh works two jobs and is taking super hard science classes so I'm alone. A lot. And it's nice having company. Plus they're the sweetest. 
+ I made thee most delicious spinach and broccoli whole wheat pasta today.
+ I'm kind of in love with yoga and bought a bunch of workout DVDs. They're kind of awesome.
+ Asian children are adorable. 
+ Can't get enough dark chocolate these days.
+ I only do my homework during class. I've got senioritis bad
+ Speaking of, I applied for graduation today and bought my cap and gown. 
+ Josh is watching the cheesiest sci-fi movie about a ghost shark. It's terribly dreadful, yet I can't stop watching. 
+ We took out our first student loan today. It's giving me lots of anxiety.
+ We've lived in our new apartment for almost 3 weeks and we still haven't fully unpacked. It's driving me crazy.
+ We missed our friend's wedding today and I'm really sad about it.
+ I worry about where Josh will get into dental school. Will I like it there? Will I make friends? When is the right time to move?

And those are the thoughts in my mind right now. Now here are two pictures of Wendy and I, she's the bomb. 



  1. I worry about a lot of the same things... growing up isn't what I expected haha
    btw, you're gorgeous and so is your kitty.

    Thanks for linking up with us :)
    Elise @ Hunters of Happiness

    1. I definitely agree with you, growing up is rough. Thanks so much for reading Elise!

  2. I have allot of the same thoughts running through my head all the time.

    Love your little kitty!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! Thanks so much :)

  3. I like reading these thoughts! You have similar fears of my own. I recently moved, and it was really hard, but it gets easier! Sounds like you are doing good at life though! Keep doing what you are doing! Things always work out!