Tuesday, August 27, 2013

home decor inspiration board

Okay, I am obsessed with apartment hunting and interior decorating these days. The thought of moving somewhere new and exciting, where the apartments have huge windows, hard wood floors, and views has officially blown my mind with enthusiasm. Seriously, I had no idea what I was missing out on. 

I have started stalking all my favorite places, searching for the perfect furniture/home decor: 
+Home Goods 

You may think I'm jumping the gun. Well, okay, I am jumping the gun. I am well aware that I get way too excited about things. I just looove planning my whole life, it's like I have to visually see my future before it happens. One of the curses about being a Type A person I guess.

Any way. I'm so glad we got a furnished apartment here in Rexburg, because that means we don't have to spend thousands of dollars moving across country. AND. Once we actually start having money I'll be able to decorate our apartment whichever way my heart desires. 

Now here are some of my favorites:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Seriously, if anyone needs some help with decorating inspiration, I'm well aquatinted with all the stores these days. I can tell you who has what, the precise page number, and wow what a total waste of brain space. 

And what would this blog post be if I didn't include an awkward story?

Josh started working at my office in the call center. So occasionally I'll walk over there and chat with him. You know, ask him how it's going, give him a pep talk. I mean, come on, what's the point of working with your hubs if you can't go say hi when he's down the hall! But, turns out it wasn't meant to be pure bliss. 

Josh: So one of my co-workers asked why you always come in, and I said because you work down the hall. Then she was mind blown that you actually worked in the office too.
Me: Wait. So you're saying everyone thinks I'm some random awkward wife who comes to your NEW job occasionally and checks up on you, giving you little pep talks?
Josh: Yep.
Me: Well that's super uncomfortable.  They must think I literally have no life and can't go 8 hours without seeing you.
Josh: Yeah. Probably.
Me: Sweet.

Who knows if anyone else has figured out I work there yet. Either way, kind of an awkward situation. I have officially cut back my visiting time with him by half and only stop by once or twice to get the car keys or say hi.


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