Wednesday, August 28, 2013

dental schools + apartment dreaming

I'm pretty sure dental schools are going to be the death of me. This waiting game is torture.pure.torture. Especially now that I've picked out all my favorite apartments in the area, and realized some places are in the straight up ghetto and I am scared of getting stuck in some studio apartment that smells like feet, with out-dated carpet and tiny windows. 

I was never  so opinionated about where Josh gets in until I looked up the living situation in the areas.

Let me just take you virtually through some of our top schools, and the places I could potentially live. Because seriously. That's all I do these days. +Apartment Guide is where it's at.

Now, our top 5 schools, in order:

1. University of Washington (Seattle)

2. University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)


3. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)


4. University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)


5. Midwestern University - Arizona(Glendale/Phoenix)


And then a random place with super nice apartments that didn't make our top list but possibly could now...

Creighton University (Omaha, NE)

Sadly, that is only the beginning. There are still 10 other schools Josh applied to, and yes, I looked up all the apartments in those areas too. Extremely pitiful. Now I just can't wait to see where he gets in, what our apartment will look like, and all the decorative items I get to buy for our new home. Like I said, obsessed. But don't care.


PS what are some of your favorites? 


  1. My favorites are the ones in AZ!!! ;)

  2. Wow they are all really nice!!!!!! Good luck to your partner. Seattle is a great place to live. I live in Vancouver and the 2 are very similar.

    Don’t forget to stop by and link up today for my tres-chic fashion thursday link up.


  3. I love Seattle. The city if just so beautiful and people are wonderful (compared to the people of Los Angeles)!

    Jan Loves

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and am loving your posts :). I've always wanted see Seattle.. Seems like such a beautiful city. You couldn't go wrong with a single place you've posted.

  5. haha you would probably die if you lived in my apartment if you hate outdated things like confetti carpet and cinder block walls....all those apartments look real nice! I'm excited to hear what you guys choose.

  6. I personally like the ones in Omaha ;) But then again I'm pretty biased :D They are all pretty sweet :)

  7. I'm from Chapel Hill, NC and that area is beautiful! You all would love it there!
    Currently I am stationed at UPENN for the next 2 weeks with my job and it is wonderful here as well. I think it is all a matter of what type of lifestyle would you like to or relaxed! All look wonderful :-)

  8. I do the same thing! I check apartments/condos like everyday, and research neighborhood/school ratings... It's a straight up obsession. But I think it'd be rad if you moved up to Seattle!!

  9. oh wow these are all such beautiful spaces!

  10. The hygienist and all other staff members at my dentist’s office are the greatest! They are professional, courteous, friendly, and a pleasure to interact with.

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