Tuesday, June 18, 2013

work out clothes. high pony. don't care.

So this one time. Last week. Hubs came home from class and started talking to me about how his teacher did his masters on women exercising (kind of weird, I know), and apparently the myth that girls get huge if they lift is totally false. I guess all those insanely fit, perfectly chisled bodies are girls who actually do more than cardio. See, I've always, always had a hard time getting the pudgy off my tummy, it's a curse. No matter how stickily and anorexic my legs and arms look, my gut is always flapping out.

So these past couple weeks hubs has been training me. And I love it. There's something really sexy about your man lifting weights, and touching your body while you're doing squats. Mmmm! 

Here's my work out plan, and we shall see if I start seeing results. It's only been a week and a half so I haven't noticed anything yet, but I am getting stronger and adding more weights which I think it the equivalent to adding another mile into your run without throwing up, so yay! I'm also eliinating sweets, (besides one sinful snack a week) because I never realized how much juuunk I eat! My sweet tooth is more vulgar, loud and in charge than I'd like to admit. So I'm trying to calm it down. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 60 minutes cardio, splitting it up by 20 minutes on 3 different machines. Elliptical, stair master, treadmill. Then I do legs and abs.

Tuesday, Thursday- Zumba for an hour, then arms and back.

Saturday-60 minute cardio (splitting it up between the three machines). Arms and back. 

So far so good! Now here are some before pictures where I'm trying reallllly hard to be serious hah. I want to do updates like once a month so I make sure to stick with it. 

where i got it: sweater-pacsun // shirt&pants-target // shoes-nike

Now just one little story:

Imagine this. Sunday. Mother nature decides to poof you this little surprise while you're at church. Cursed, you say, because it's  4 days early and you happen to be out of everything! But of coooourse you're teaching at church so you wait it out during the first hour, then during sunday school the hubs and I book it to Walmart, where apparently, "I looked like death" as I dumped $15 worth of tampax and chocolate onto the conveyor belt. Then a middle aged man refuses to make eye contact as he slowly slides all 5 boxes across the scanner. It was quite eventful. 

Inappropriate story? Quite possibly yes. 



  1. i think you look very cute in these pics!

  2. You have no tummy fat to speak of, girl! But good for you that you are doing some training.


  3. You are AWESOME! Keep up with your schedule and you will have more than rock hard abs... A rock hard constitution you will have, yes (to be read with a Yoda accent)!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

  4. You are looking so cute and slim. I too love to be like you but can't because I have tummy.

  5. Zumba has numerous health benefits and it keeps us fit. Really glad to know that you do zumba regularly. You could try these zumba shoes. Zumba shoes are lightweight and comfortable.

  6. So this one time. A week ago. Center points got back home from class and began conversing with me about how his educator did his lords on ladies working out (sort of irregular, I know), and clearly the myth that young ladies get colossal in the event that they lift is absolutely false. I figure every one of those madly fit, consummately chisled bodies are young ladies who really accomplish more than cardio. It couldn't be any more obvious, I've generally, dependably experienced serious difficulties the thick off my tummy, it's a condemnation. Regardless of how stickily and anorexic my legs and arms look, my gut is continually fluttering out.

    Jose F. Mendoza