Friday, May 10, 2013

happy "almost" weekend

Can we all just jam out to this song because it's finally friday? 

where i got it: shirt-ross // skirt, belt, shoes-forever 21

-I've decided working in the Admissions office is the best job ever in college. I love experiencing all the crazies before they get filtered out.

Email #1: 
"To Whom it May Concern,
This is your last chance to admit me. If I don't get in I will go to another university and won't come back."

Um alright home boy. You do realize you haven't been admitted because no offense, we don't think you'd be a good fit. And I don't think threatening us will help your case...

Email #2:
"Behold. I have come to email your office through Jesus Christ the Lord, I believe I am supposed to be at your university and wish to get accept. However, I did not get admitted but I know I'm supposed to be there. I can always reapply next year, but know that my faith in God will never waiver. And one day I will be on that campus, fulfilling my life long dream."

Okay. Maybe you should keep that to yourself? Keep in mind that email was actually the length of 2 pages and went on and on about his testimony and love for our school. 

Email #3:
"I wish to attend BYU Provo because it is the most spiritual of the schools and I'd rather be where the gospel is strongest."

You do realize you sent this email to BYU-Idaho right?

Email #4: 
"Look at my grades. Now back at me. Now look at his grades. Then back at mine. I'm playing piano and singing about my desire to attend this school. Now look at her, she wishes she could sing like me. Now look back up, I'm on a horse. Charge. PS if you don't find this funny, just watch the old spice commercial on youtube then you'll laugh."

Hmmm. I give him props for creativity, but this is supposed to be a personal statement for college, not a facebook status. 

Seriously though, this job is the best.



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  2. Oh my gosh this is freaking awesome haha!!! "Now look back up, I'm on a horse." Ok that is hilarious.

    1. Hahahaha, some people just crack me up. Definitely the most entertaining job on campus.

  3. Adore this outfit. Your stories are hilarious!!!


    1. Thanks Agnes! Working at the Admissions office is like a whole new world. I had no idea such people existed until now. And I love it.

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  6. HAhaha I love the emails. There are some serious crazies out there.... You are so cute! I'm glad I found your blog today :) That skirt is seriously darling, I want one.
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  7. Love this skirt!!! paired with the striped top - so stylish and chic but also youthful. Great blog by the way and just stopping over from The Collective

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  9. New follower from Style Elixir! This entry was hilarious. I can imagine you have tons of inside jokes going around in the office.

    P.S. you pull off the midi skirt wonderfully!

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  10. I love your skirt! Such a great color.

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  11. These are great! I found your blog through the Style Sessions Link-up. Love your style! I'm your newest follower =)

  12. Woah, you get deal with some interesting goodness! But if it keeps you laughing, that's awesome.

    LOVE the outfit. I have a similar stripe shirt from ross.

  13. Hi! Your style is adorable and I have a passion for fashion as well! I look forward to cruising around and readin up on your blog! I found you on Friend Connect blog hop and I'm your newest follower, plus I'm a brand new blogger!! It was great to "meet" you!

  14. Lovely outfit, Lauren! You look so gorgeous with this top and skirt combo. Plus, your hair is perfect!

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  15. This is such a cute outfit! I really really want it! (: haha! You are so cute! (:

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  17. That is hilarious! It's kind of amazing that prospective students actually think it would be a good idea to send those, but it makes for some good entertainment for you, I'm sure! Love that outfit, too.

  18. Omg. That second one was HILARIOUS. Love your blog by the way!