Friday, May 3, 2013

dear blogging, i missed you.

Just in case anyone didn't know, my computer crashed last week, which is why I have been a little lacking in posts. However, after many tears my father offered to by  me a new computer and this blog is back up and running! Hallelujah! I have so many stories to tell!  Wow that was a lot of exclamation points, sorry.

where i got it: necklace- forever 21, cardigan & belt- target, shirt & pants-american eagle, shoes-nordstrom 

So I'm in a science fiction and fantasy class this semester. I'm pretty sure I could create an entire blog about the ridiculous happenings in there. (Hey, I thought it would be all about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. However, I'd never admit that in class because they'd probably stone me.) Talk about hardcore fiction lovers. Some of my favorite moments so far:

1. The hour long debate between the sci fi lovers and fantasy obsessors on which category Star Wars is under.
2. The twenty minute spiel by that one girl who sits in the front row and is way too opinionated and aggressive, who says that elves are the greatest mythical creature and "their bow skills are far beyond what we can even understand." She also went on about the joys of fantasy and how sci fi wishes it was as creative.
3. When the teacher said he agreed that Star Wars was more fantasy than sci fi and the whole class let out a sharp gasp and fifteen hands shot in the air.
4. I went to this comic con last year.... 

This is going to be an interesting semester.

And how about one slightly embarrassing story. Imagine this. First week of work as an admissions counselor. I'm on 'live chat' (basically aim for prospective students to come ask questions). A student asks how they apply to the school and I try to type "Go to to start your application." Only I put, "Go to to start your application." Hmm. Sketchy?


P.S. I got a twitter account the other day! Come follow me @lovelaurenblog
Side story, apparently "fashionlovelauren" is too long, "loveandlauren" was already taken, and "flovelauren" sounded more like an exotic dancers nickname than a blog. So I settled with "lovelaurenblog". You win some you lose some. 


  1. What is your major? I'm confused as to which major a birthing class and a fiction class fit into. Lol!

    1. I'm and English major with an emphasis in Professional Writing, I'm taking the Pregnancy class as an elective because I know nothing about all that and thought it would be fun :)

  2. I have computer problems last week too.. it rained (oh, finally!) here in Dubai and everything went berserk including internet connection. Both me and husband were so stressed coz we all depend on internet to do our daily things.. pathetic but true sadly :) Looking great and welcome back to Blogsphere!


  3. Great outfit, love the necklace! :) x