Tuesday, May 21, 2013

date night with this guy is totally boss

This semester we've been really good at not going out to eat, you know, since we need to save money for dental application which will break our bank. So far we've handled it like champs. But once a week we allow ourselves to splurge a little and go on a date night (usually wherever I want to go because hubs is a saint). This weekend we went to Sammy's because hubs has never had a pie shake, and I about had a heart attack when I heard such depressing news. So we rounded up our wallets, moseyed into the car, ordered two small pie shakes and bobbed our heads to some good indie folk music. Those shakes man. Mmmm.

Josh's crazy eyes have arrived. His heart and soul is ready to be changed forever. 
Hello heaven. Just a chocolate oreo cream pie shake. No big deal. 

We ended the night with some Vampire Diaries, then started a movie, only got 30 minutes in until I started falling asleep, then decided to finish it up the next day. Married life is just sooo exciting guys, going to bed by 11, and lots of movie nights in bed. Oh yeah, we're wild. By the way, we have THE comfiest bed ever. Just in case anyone was wondering. So even if that sounded slightly sarcastic about how exciting life was, it totally wasn't. Being married is totally boss. 

And the absolute best part of our date was cuddling this hunk into the wee hours of the morning. 



  1. What a great date. I also love cuddling with my husband. My favorite is falling asleep on his chest. My link up is back on and it starts again this thursday. Stop by my blog tomorrow for details and please enter my giveaway from stella & dot.



  2. I love how genuine your smiles are in the last photo! AND me and my husband do the same thing with the laptop on the bed! Ha, all you suckers that buy a TV for your bedroom. LOL
    -Kay @ California DIY Diva

  3. Ugh cutest couple ever right there :) I would never get mine to watch Vampire Diaries with me, but I convinced him that Mad Men is pretty good so thats a start :)

  4. Lauren! You two are seriously the cutest! :) And your blog is adorable!

  5. ummm so i just scrolled through your blog and completely fell in love.
    you and your man are sooo cute!
    just had to follow :)
    can't wait to see more <3

    The DayLee Journal