Monday, April 8, 2013

seattle lovin

(please forgive me, I was extremely ornery when I wrote this because the internet loathes me, and I guess those feelings are just mutual now.)

Madness by Muse on Grooveshark
I tried to find the perfect song that talks about Seattle and how mystical it is. But after listening to five and hating them all, I went for a song that's currently on repeat these days. Muse, man. Recently discovered them, can't get enough. 


Guys. This place is magical. The pictures from my phone (which I drop about 3 time every day) does not do justice. I decided my life goal is to move to Seattle, live in a condo in the middle of the city. Get a cat. And work for some awesome clothing company. 

I may or may not have stolen that dream from our friends who were our tour guides. Seriously though. So jealous. 


But before we jump into this post. Here's a picture of a house and car in Madison Park. Josh and I saw this duo, looked at each other and said at the same exact time, "that's fitting". It was perfect.

You can't get much more modern than that. I bet they love raisins. Stereotyping? Me? Someone please slap my wrists.

Okay. Now. Seattle. (side note. sorry about all of the random awkward people all over the place. It was hard not capturing them in most of my photos, and unfortunately I could only crop out so many.)

 So. Seattle, and it's inhabitants there in.

Mmmm the gum wall. Had I known such class existed I would have brought a piece of double bubble and spelt out my name or undying love for Josh or something. Apparently it's the thing to do. Also, please note the gum icicles hanging from the window. Hah, ewwy.

The first ever Starbucks. Which is way more populated than the other 5 on that street. Figures. 

Never seen so many tulips in my life. so. beautiful. 
The pier. I love everything about it.

Yep. I could live here for the rest of my life and be happy as a clam.

A whole store that only sells sourdough?? Better believe I ate about a basket of samples.  
This is when I made the whole group stop so I could take a picture. Worth it? Probably could have, but I was too embarrassed to take another one that wasn't so blurry. Meh. 
A garden on a rooftop? Sign me up folks. 
And behold, the great and spacious Space Needle that is everything I ever imagined. It actually is pretty sweet. I recommend it. 

Just imagine I had about 15 other pictures that I didn't put in because it felt a little "excessive". The trip was absolutely perfect though. And Josh's mission was successful, I now want to live there more than anywhere else. And yes, I may or may not look up condos on ReMax that are way out of our price range. Just because. 

And. Now that it's past 8, and the internet hasn't kicked me off for about 10 minutes, I'm going to post this before the internet realizes how long it's been, signs me off, and then I throw my laptop across the library. I feel like that's a possibility. 



  1. Um, I DREAM of going to school in Seattle one day! So jealous! I love hearing about your travels, but I especially love your impeccable spelling and grammar usage. I'm in awe :)

    1. Hahaha love you Briana! I'm so glad you appreciate that :D

  2. Seattle is one of my favorite cities! I have great memories there and tons of photos too! :)
    I love your photos! It's such a fun place to explore.

  3. Totally agree. Seattle is magical.

  4. Oh man, I remember those steps. They're a beast after a day at Pikes Place and the Pier! You should have checked out the "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe" while you were down there! It's a pretty awesome place. Also, the very first Red Robin is down on the pier as well. Which, you may have already known. But if not, there you go! Oh, another MUST SEE is the troll under the bridge. And the Seattle Art Museum (fondly known as the SAM) is seriously awesome. And...ok, I'll stop... Glad you liked Seattle! It was a fun place to grow up!

  5. I haven't explored downtown Seattle in a hot minute, I really need too. Especially now that the weather is STARTING to warm up

  6. WooHoo!! That's my city!!! Love it seeing pictures from here! Glad you got to see the gum wall, the 1st Starbucks ever, Pikeplace etc. It's a great place, isn't it!? If you get a chance, you have to hit Gasworks park, Greenlake...and so many other great locations! Always a blessing seeing you linking with UNITE! ~ Jen

  7. Hi Lauren - Just hopped over from Titus Tuesdays and love your pics. I've never been there before but it's on my bucket list! Anyway, wanted to let you know I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll stop by and follow back!

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  9. HiLauren!

    I found your blog through the blog hop! :) I know its random but when I see Seattle, I automatically think of Greys Anatomy. Haha. It looks beautiful there though!! :)

    we've followed you through bloglovin and If you'd like you can check out our blog here:


  10. Love the pics! Hope to visit Seattle some day!

  11. Found from the Aloha Blog hop! AM loving these photos! Happy Friday!

  12. Being a native Washingtonian, I know Seattle well. I grew up in Tacoma. I can't say I would like to live in Seattle because I find that the people are notoriously impatient and not too nice, but it is a great place to visit.
    Following you from Aloha Friday.