Saturday, March 9, 2013

the mona lisa

So my mom found a gift card to The Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant in my old bedroom, so Joshers and I splurged on a romantic date night before the gigantic blizzard hit.

Quite the ambiance at this place.Secluded tables, little windows and twinkle lights. It was a success. 

I was focusing on trying to take the picture so much that I didn't realize my marshmallow caught on fire. -_-


And here's a random photo of my first ever pancake I made which was an absolute failure... awesome. 

Now that this blizzard has not so discretely came blowing in, Josh and I are enjoying being snowed in by watching movies, and keeping warm with lots of cuddling and hot cocoa. And yes, you heard right, snowed in. Don't think we'll be able to get out until Sunday night when my parents come dig us out with their truck... Until then, oh darn, just so happened to be snowed in with a total hottie. Whatever shall I do?



  1. The restaurant looks great and so does the food. Enjoy your little vacation from the world!

  2. Such sweet rememberances between you two! Thanks for sharing & for linking up today! ~ Jen

  3. Yay for finding gift cards!! This restaurant looks fantastic. Glad you were able to have a nice date night!!

    (and loving that sweater...Old Navy?)

    1. Forever 21 actually! And thank you, it's one of my absolute favorites :)

  4. Loving your polka dot sweater!!

  5. Great memories that you have shared! Thank you! Hope you will be able to stop by WW this week
    Miniature Purses WW w/Linky

  6. I love your top. What a fun date night! I really want to try a fondue spot. Looks like a great time!


  7. What a fun evening out! Dontchya love when you find an old gift card? And I ADORE the polka dots you wore, so cute!!! ~Sarah

  8. Found you on todays link up! This food looks amazing !
    Followed:) <3

    hope you can follow back you can find me at:

  9. Looks like a lot of fun! Cute pics! I've never been to a fondue place, I probably would catch all of my food on fire because I'm so A-D-D haha (similar to your marshmellow). Found ya on the linkup

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  11. your blog is SO adorable! thanks for linking up at the Aloha Blog Hop! i'm now following along :):)


  12. This winter is dragging on too long ayt? Stay cozy and warm…