Monday, March 25, 2013

the four

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This week I was reunited with some of my greatest friends! Miss Jade, and Miss Kenzie (ps we missed you Miss Briana Banana). 

This was sadly the last time I'd see that gorgeous blonde Kenzie until she comes back from her mission in New York. And boy, will I miss her. 

Back in high school we called ourselves "the four" which also included our friend Briana. And those were some glory days. We pulled a few pranks which involved parking my car in another friends open garage for the day, saran wrapping the heck out of people's bedrooms, lots of toilet papering, the best summers, throw in a car accident, and a million sleepovers and that's us. The best of friends.

You've got Jade: The outgoing partier who is friends with everyone, and so so sweet and beautiful inside and out. 
Briana: the athletic, tall, and super intelligent one.
Kenzie: the blonde, goofy, fashionista. 
And me: who'd you think would be the voice of reason since I'm the oldest, but was always coming up with crazy ideas to get us in trouble, and had a way with persuading everyone to do it anyway. 

Yep. Quite the team. These girls molded me into who I am today. They gave me love, confidence, security, and friendship. And when I'm with them, whether it was 5 years ago or tomorrow, nothing about our friendship will be any different. 

Sometimes it's sad realizing that life will never be the same, we won't have those sleepovers where we stay up watching scary movies, sneak out, eating way too much froyo, helping pick out each other's prom dresses, and we'll never be able to gather together at the drop of a hat to comfort each other when something went wrong. But this weekend I learned that no matter where life takes us, and how different we'll continue to become, we'll always be best friends. And I will always, always love those girls. 

So good luck to Briana, who's going on a mission to Brazil.

Good luck to Kenzie, who's going on a mission to New York.

Good luck to Jade, who's spending time with her family in Colorado before she heads back to school.

I love you girls, and I'll always be there for you!



  1. It is so fantastic that you all have stayed so close throughout the years =) Girl-friends are so necessary and such a blessing!!!

  2. Hi! I found you in the link up. Great article, there are really nothing like needed reunions!

  3. life would be hard without girlfriends. there are just somethings a guy just will never understand, no matter how great he is. what kind of mission is your friend leaving on?

    1. Hey Suzzie! She's leaving on an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.