Monday, March 4, 2013

road trip shenanigans

Ta-ta Oregon, you've been real swell but now it's time to start another adventure. Like visiting my family in Colorado and taking a massively awesome road trip with the best hubster. Seriously, I don't know what it is about confined spaces and the open road that turns me into a spaz. So much fist pumping, shimmying, and loud singing. The only time I chuck my dignity out the door and dance my heart out in the most unrhythmic and awkward ways possible. It's great fun. And husband agrees. 


Brace yourselves. The northwest loooves these bridges, as do I. So I may or may not have taken  a few pictures of them. 

Alright lets get this party started, shall we?

The rain bid us farewell. 

And of course what would a road trip post be without a bathroom picture in a gas station? That Dr. P just gets to ya. 

Awesomeness ---->

-Okay. Who put all the Resse's eggs out without telling me?? Those little devils... Once I start I just can't stop. And yes, yes I did stock up at the pit stop. Can't put one past me!

-Coming into my old room at the parents house and seeing a love note from my mama (she's out of town at the moment) and a box of chocolate (cream filled-she knows me so well). That woman is simply my favorite, she- just gets me. I'm also extremely stoked to sleep in my giant canopy bed again. That thing is like a giant body pillow, hugging me in all the right places. 

Quirkiness ---->

-So every night I dream about buying a kitty. It's probably becoming an unhealthy obsession. I keep forcing the thought into my mind "no kitties until Josh is in dental school." And what does my subconscious do?? Gives me dreams about adorable little babies that have the names Josh and I already picked out. Oh yeah, because if we can't have a kitten we can most definitely have a child! Why can't those dreams include stretch marks and flab? I just want the kitten dreams back.

-I bought Josh this awesome bamboo wood case for his new iPhone for Valentine's Day. Yeah it somehow got sent parents house? I must have been on serious auto pilot when I ordered it and typed in their address. Anyways, we only waited like two and a half weeks to get it. And the moment we arrive at my parents house Josh opens the package and tries putting the case on, when it literally snaps in half. This is my only comment to that: -_- oh, and, "curse you amazon."



  1. I love this! So many lovely photos. And yes, your writing style is exquisitely entertaining.


  2. So "Come on Eileen" and reading/looking at this post is perfect. Like, you couldn't have picked a better song for this post! Love!

  3. I love road trips with my man; they're a great time for bonding and having fun together. :) Great photos!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  4. No. freaking. way. I seriously just wrote almost a 2-paragraph comment and clicked "Publish" and it got deleted somehow. I want to cry. If I muster up the energy and commitment again, I'll give it another go. Sigh...

  5. Let's try this again:

    Work with me here, blogger. Okay, first of all, you DO receive spam comments! That "Anonymous" comment above is spam. So annoying! Don't click that link it gives you. Second, Brandon was creeping over my shoulder while I was reading this post and he goes, "Is that a picture of her in a bathroom?!" To which I replied, "Why would she post a picture of herself in a bathroom, Brandon?!" and then I read the caption and laughed hysterically. Because YOU WOULD do that.

    I love that you love Dr. P as much as I love Mt. Dew. I highly suggest you just adopt a kitten already. That way, Slater and he (or she, they could be boyfriend & girlfriend, although long distance is pretty tough) could have Skype dates. How rad would that be? I'm sooo glad you finally got to have some chocolates, since I guess Josh never ate his cute Puppy Love Valentine's Day box. Hehehe. The chocolate with vanilla creme areee good! Okay, I think this is enough for my comment this post. I'll be creepin' around next post for sure. You can always count on that.


  6. Who knew your road trip could be so entertaining to me?! haha. You are so cute. Like..freaking adorable. I'm jealous of Miss Brani Laine skyping with you. You da bomb.
    Cute shoes by the way.

    1. You are always so so sweet Amanda :) Thank you!!

  7. Looks like a fun road trip.
    Stopping by from the WW blog hop, pleas link up

  8. Looks like an awesome road trip! Love the pics!

  9. I miss those road trip days with my husband without kids. I moved to Pittsburgh and the bridges are everywhere. I'm addicted to photographing them as well. The green alone is such a pop of color. I'm your newest follower.

    Kimberly @

  10. Like you road trip photos! Thank's for sharing...

    Stopping by from WW- hope you can stop by...

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