Wednesday, March 20, 2013

i need new clothes

----> I'm pretty sure every article of clothing I own has made an appearance on this blog of mine. Which means I'm officially out of ideas for outfit posts, and I think I feel a shopping spree coming on, (remember hubster my birthday is next week...).

---->Today was one of those days when my hair didn't do what I wanted it to. I had all of these high expectations of finally writing the hair extension review, but I couldn't do that while having a weird hair day! So it has officially been pushed back another day. But I vow to make it a little more interesting, including a "how-to put them in" tutorial, and before and after pictures. And maybe if you guys harass me enough I'll include a video on how I curl my hair. (Don't worry, this awkward wannabe curly, but slightly confused straight hair won't be included in that tutorial. Like I said, weird hair day). 

---->So for this post, here is a slightly boring outfit post, but at least my modeling is becoming slightly better. Man, was it rough my first couple posts, didn't know what to do with my body, arms flailing everywhere, feet pointing in opposite directions. Amateur stuff pretty much :) hah, I kid. You should see the photos that don't make the cut-horrendous.  My face contorts in ways I didn't even knew possible. 

Shirt-Forever 21// Jeans-Hollister // Shoes-DSW (like I said, boring outfit I know)

Quirkiness ---->

-Alas my sleep talking has come back. Remember back in the old days of this blog when every single post I'd have some insane sleep talking story. Well last night I broke my streak of peaceful sleeping and slipped into delusion again. Twice. 

I remember dreaming that Josh was hanging from the ceiling and his face was right in mine. So of course I sat straight up which startled me awake and Josh said I muttered something like "Oh my goodness that is so scary!" (Yep, my sleep talking hasn't gotten any less creepy.) 

Hubster calmed me down until I feel back asleep. But the next morning he said that I freaked him out twice that night. Turns out I woke up again that night, this time doing the usual, "Oh my gosh! What are you doing?!" Which made hubster think someone was in the room, and he then had to calm himself back to sleep. 

Awesomeness --->

-I'm thinking about doing a vlog answering questions from you guys, which is an idea stolen by my friend Brani from That's Just Lovely. So if you ask a question under the comments section please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm just saving it for a blog :)

I want to start getting into editing videos and making this blog as personal as I can, so don't hesitate in asking anything!


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  2. I know how you feel. I did a 30 in 30 in January and that helped me find and make new outfits. It was lots of fun. I'm following you on bloglovin, woudl appreciate it if you followed me as well. I'm doing a link up next thursday. Would love it if you joined.


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  5. That is exactly how I feel. I know I could do a bit more remixing, but I am so over it! lol

    just love // kelly

  6. I definitely have days where I think I must have worn every combination my clothes that exists, but typically when I stop think about it something new will come to me! :)

    Fizz and Frosting

  7. Really like this shirt! So cute! Sometimes I feel the same about clothes in my closet and then my mom cleans out her closet and I get new clothes. I'm pretty lucky! (:

    Found you from the GFC blog hop! Cute blog!


  8. blogging is a curse because you can have a closet full of clothes and still feel like it's never enough! I try to remix my closet when I feel like that!

    Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything Blog Hop!

    xo Tori

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