Saturday, March 9, 2013

dot com

Guys! Guess what! I officially have my very own domain. After three months of calling Google and GoDaddy, emailing people, paying for an inactive domain, talking to countless people that had no idea why my domain wasn't showing up, a few tears, and a couple moments of screaming into a pillow, a beloved, heaven sent angel named David called me back and fixed everything! He canceled my domain that happened to be defective for some odd reason and set me up with this one, "" which actually works. I'm pretty sure nothing could bring me down right now, because I'm so stoked. 

So, if you have my button on your blog, please replace it with one of my new ones that are over to the right, the first is a 200x200 and the second, 200x100 that way viewers get directed to my blog then just comment below and let me know you switched it out. Thanks!!

Now I'm just going to drink some more hot cocoa and stare at my beautiful domain that my sweat and blood went into. Seriously, you have no idea. 



  1. Congrats on finally getting it to work.

  2. That's awesome!!! Congrats! :)


  3. Yay! So happy for you :) I got your new button!

  4. i changed your button on mine. thats cool you got your own domain!

    1. Thanks Kerri! And I'm soooo excited, it's been a work in progress for a while now but hopefully no other issues come up.

  5. I absolutely adore your blog, you are so cute!!! The only wish I could read it better, the writing is so tiny I have to squint, but besides that I love it!