Thursday, March 14, 2013

currently in the 719

This post is dedicated to the 719 (Colorado Springs), the inhabitants therein, and Josh...for whom no words suffice. [You'll understand that last comment in a minute]

Now here's what we've been up to:

 Went to the dentist, aka my dad's office. No cavities for the hubs and I!! (slight fist pumping inserted here) This is Josh's third time in his entire life that he didn't have one, and I couldn't be more proud!

It has snowed. A lot. I may have regretted not packing my bulky snow coat, and replacing it with more shoes in my suitcase that aren't water proof. As Josh would say, you win some you lose some. However, today it got in the 70's. Thank you Colorado weather for never staying cold for long!

 Cooked for the fam a couple times, which was pretty fun! And have been catching up on allll my favorite shows. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure Pretty Little Liars and Downton Abbey are tryyyying to ruin my life. Any fans out there will understand that comment. 

Been splurging on my favorite treat, doughnuts. Maybe once, probably twice though. What can I say, those King Sooper's doughnuts are the bomb.

 New favorite. Spinach salad with apple slices, turkey, avocado, caramelized nuts, and poppyseed dressing. You should try it. It's basically a hippie, tree-hugging party in my mouth. I love it!

BOOM! My new extensions baby! Blog review soon to come :) thank you sister-in-law who went to beauty school. She colored and cut the extensions so they look identical to my hair. Three words: I'm in love. Thanks Sarah!!!

Now let these next photos show you what I call "the evolution of Josh's face". Basically, what happens when I ask him to take a picture with me.

The infamous, "do I haaaave to?" face. 
Showing his vulnerable, pretending to be happy face. You'd think I just got done pummeling him. Nope. Just asked for a more genuine smile and he was slightly offended.
Probably the most valiant effort ruined by yours truly.
Behold. The crazy eyes have arrived. 
And the, "Babe! Look at this funny cat picture!" face. After which I gave up and uploaded them anyways.

Perhaps one last story? I think you'll enjoy this one. 

I'm out with the family when my mom and I start talking to this lady, who keeps looking at me quizzically and finally asks how old I am. 

Me:"I turn twenty-one in a couple weeks!"

Lady: "Seriously?! I thought you were fifteen. You look like you're still in high school..."
Me: "Yeah. I'm actually graduating college this year."
Lady (still looking at me as if she doesn't buy it)


What a super cool comment.

Thank you for crushing my confidence. 

Josh on the other hand got a kick out of that story. Not sure why since he's...married to me. And he has dubbed his new favorite saying "oh, my dearest 15-year-old wife." Oh yeah, nothing says sexy quite like pedophilia. 


Outfit post + the hair extension review coming soon! And probably a hair tutorial since so many of you guys have so kindly requested one :)



  1. I probably should be ashamed confessing this, but I have heard the, "Oh I thought you were fifteen" comment one too many times myself. Ha. I wonder what makes someone think I would want to hear that?

  2. I get the same exact reaction out of people! The fact that I'm a shrimp doesn't help either :) I found your cute blog via the Bloglovin Collective!

    Cait (Care to follow one another?)