Thursday, February 28, 2013

somebody please slap my wrists

Midnight City by M83 on Grooveshark

...because I've been the worst blogger this week. This was Josh's last week interning, and my last day...nannying! Which I celebrated with some minor fist pumping, and lots of booty shaking. No more accidents, or poopy underwear, or tantrums, or realizing I have pee on my hands while I'm touching my face... basically I realized even more so that I am noooot ready to have children. And probably won't be until I'm like 25, and that's just fine!

Anyways. We celebrated (more for me than him since he actually enjoyed being in a dental office). Like every single day this week by getting a redbox and frozen yogurt, turns out we needed to buy froyo four more times to get a free one on our punch card before we move away this weekend. So we've been eating lots of froyo. And hey, I'm not complaining. 


Now back this this post- I know, I white jeans again! But this just so happened to be the outfit I wore on our date tonight and I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you guys. After all I am an outfit repeat offender, and proud of it. 

Where I got it:
Necklace-Forever 21
Shoes-Steve Madden

Quirkiness/ a couple moments between the hubster and I

-Scene 1: Telling Josh about my dream I had this morning where we were secret spies, fighting evil.
Me: "Then we found out the _____ family were the conspiring enemies-"
Josh: "WHAT! But they're our friends!... Babe, that is such a good twist."

-Scene 2: All husbands fart right? So I can say this story without ruining his dignity... I'm assuming your silence is compliance.
So we're chillin in our room and Josh....tootes. And I start complaining about the...aroma, and he says "shh shh shh, those are just my pheromones."
Me: "Huh. I thought pheromones were supposed to turn me on."
Joshy: "On the outside you say no--but on the inside you're going crazy for me."
(These stories were read and approved by said husband) 

-That moment when you're super stuffed and pledge to your husband that you will not eat another bite until noon the next day, right as your husbands grandfather comes into the room with a massive piece of banana cream cake, placing it right in front of you. And he just happens to say he cut you the largest piece because he knows how much you like it. Yes, I ate it, the whole thing. And yes, I regretted it-but at least I wasn't rude. 


-That moment when you just can't fall asleep and you realize you have to wake up in four hours and you wake up your hubs with your slight whimpering, and then he gives you a full body massage until you fall asleep.Yep. That's love. 

-So even though I'm not graduating until this December, BYU-Idaho sent me an email congratulating me on all of my completed credits (yeah, I'm a super senior), anyways they noticed I was graduating soon and gave me the application deadlines. Best. Email. Ever. That's right world, watch out, because Mrs. Rogers is coming for you-with a BA degree. No seriously, it's called a bachelor of arts. :)

-And. I skyped my friend Brani from "That's Just Lovely" for the first time. What a great gal, and I'm so glad blogging has brought us to be friends even though we're on clear opposite sides of the country. 



  1. First of all, yes, I'm slapping your wrists! Secondly, oh. my. wow. This has got to me one of my FAVORITE outfits you've posted of all time. You look stunning in these pictures, especially the first one. You just look gorg, girl. I loooove that shirt! I soo wish I could just come over and shop in your closet.

    Oh, and Josh's grandpa is SO cute, I wouldn't be able to say no to a piece of cake from him either. I loved meeting him on Skype! Obviously good looks run in Josh's whole family. Oh, and talking about "can't fall asleep"! Girl, oh my gosh. It's almost 4am here. Pretty soon, I'm going to absolutely lose my mind...errr, what's left of it. ;)


  2. Hey hun! You look fantastic!! SO SORRY I didn't see your comment until now ( my mom is in town so things are hectic!); I would love to button swap with you! Whenever you have a chance, come on over to my Advertise page for my swap code and info! :)

  3. Congrats- freedom!

    I love the belt knot- cute...
    Thanks for sharing on photo Friday- hope you come back next week. until then...okay maybe before then...we want posts ;)

  4. i spy your garment lines underneath your pants! :) haha only a fellow mormon would notice that.

  5. Lovely Blue blouse and necklace .. Following you from the everyday blog hop .. Feel free to come back on my blog :)

  6. Hi dear! Adorable outfit, loving your style.
    I am following you from the Harvest of Friends Weekend blog hop.
    Please stop by my blog, I love making new blogger friends! Especially fashion minded ones. ;)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. awee, haha you two are cute. gotta love random/silly stories from good ole' married life ;)

    new follower via the blog hop!

  8. This is SUCH an adorable look! Those white pants look fab on you :)


  9. Visiting from the Made In A Day blog hop. Now following via GFC.

    Would love a visit back, thanks!

  10. Love the date night outfit! And love the white jeans!

  11. So what will you do now that you aren't nannying?

    This outfit is SO cute. I really like the white jeans!

  12. You always look like you are having fun in your pics! This is a really pretty color for you. The necklace adds an extra bit of pretty.


  13. I just found your blog. I love this outfit! My favorite so far. I'm now following you, keep up the great work!
    Meg at The Polished Monkey

  14. Found you through the GFC Collective link up! I love the outfit; you look great.

  15. Loving this outfit!

    Your newest follower,

    Brooke =)