Friday, February 15, 2013


Valentine's Day has always been pretty bittersweet for me. Last year was Josh and my first Valentine's Day together, but we were doing long distance. So it sucked. I spent the whole day walking around campus seeing mushy couples making out all over the place,  pheromones were glistening in the air, and dozens of roses being held by smiling women. I wanted to punch them all. In the face. 

It's okay though because Josh surprised me and proposed three days later with roses and sparkling cider and fondue. So it was worth the wait :) 


The only other time I had a valentine was when I was 16. And that was a bust. Let me just tell you about that situation to add to the ambiance of how dreadfully miserable every single Valentine's Day had been until this one.

As I stated, I was 16. He was 18, and we had JUST started dating. As in, not even a month ago? Look, all I know is this guy comes to school with HUGE helium filled balloons, a massive heart shaped box of chocolates, a giant hershey's kiss, a teddy bear, and a bouquet of flowers. I remember seeing him down the hall, rushing to me in excitement. And all I could think was, "well crap. now I'll have to carry all that around all day." Don't get me wrong, it was sweet of him. But we had just started dating. And I didn't have a car yet, (plus our high school didn't have lockers) so I lugged all of it around, allllll day, with my backpack and other various items. 

I think anyone could see me coming a mile away. 

And on top of that, I am NOT a PDA person. At all! So having all of these items that screamed "Someone loves me!" Was not too ideal. Best part was he even said his mom mentioned he went a little over board and all he could say was, "But I didn't even tell her about the balloons or giant hershey kiss!"

Young boys should always listen to their mothers. Always. 

So that's the bitter side of my feelings for Valentine's Day. Now here's the sweet.


I am a big lover of love. Always have been. I cry like a baby every time I watch Titanic, I love every Nicholas Sparkes book, seriously, I'm a sucker for love. 

With that in mind, I knew this Valentine's Day would be sooo much better than all my previous ones. Because THE love of my life was with me. And it truly was the best day ever.

First off, he came bouncing into our room at midnight, the night before, and said he had a surprise for me.
Joshy: Now that it's technically Valentine's Day do you want to know what your surprise is?
Me: Okay, what'd you get me?!
Joshy: Guess.
Me:....(deep thinking).... A KITTEN?!
Joshy: No. Try again.
Me:...A night in a hotel?
Joshy: Nope. We're going to do something you've been wanting to do for a long time!
Me: OhmyGOSH. Are we going to North Carolina?!
Joshy: Nooo, it's not that extravagant-
Me: The animal shelter?!
Joshy: No. It's something we've done before...
Me:... drawing a blank here.
Joshy: We did it last weekend... Maybe seeing a particular movie or something.
Me: (gasp) Are you taking me to see Safe Haven?!
Joshy: YES! I bought us tickets to see it Friday night!!

Side note. As I said before, I looove Nicholas Sparkes books, and Safe Haven is my absolute favorite. Ever since I saw the first preview in November I can't shut up about how much I want to see it. So I am VERY excited for tonight!

Anyways back to yesterday. After work I came home and realized "Oh crap. Josh's Valentine's Day gift hasn't arrived." Major bummer. I ordered him this super awesome bamboo phone cover for his iPhone, since he is known for being a little clumsy and unlucky with cell phones. However, it should hopefully be arriving today. Anyways, I felt bad I had nothing to give him so I ran to the store and bought him a box of chocolates, even though he doesn't even like candy that much.

The box of chocolates I got him. I just couldn't say no to that wittle puppy face! The cuteness is killing me!

Oh well.

Then I just waited, and waited for him to get home. And the moment I heard him open the door I pounced on him and he showered me with kisses. He gave me red roses (love) and a box of chocolates (really love). 

So romantic. I love him. 

And theeeen I surprised him with a night out to dinner. We drove an hour to Salem, went to Olive Garden. 2 hour wait. Headed to Red Lobster. Hour wait, much more doable. Had a delicious dinner. Which was all for free because we used a gift card from our wedding. Sa-weeeet!

We then headed home, and drifted to sleep cuddling.

Seriously addicted to this stuff. 


So I think I can say I love Valentine's Day now. Here's to never having an awkward or lonely Valentine's Day again, and to spend the rest of my mushy gushy days with this guy. 

(Contemplating if he should get the crab or shrimp alfredo-he decided on the crab.)

I hope everyone has a great "post-Valentine's" day!!


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  1. Josh got you the EXACT same box of chocolates that I got for Brandon. I mean, exact same design and everything. Ha! We are too cool. Hope you two had the best night! xo