Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taking Blissful Walks Into the Forest

Get ready for some huge pictures that will boggle your eye balls. Warning: for all you out there using those tiny laptops, this may be too much to handle.

Anyways, here are some pictures I took while taking Josie on a walk in some trials by the house we're staying in. And let's just say, the Northwest is beautiful. I'm really liking this place. 

This is the secluded trail that I was convinced a serial killer was preying on me. So we turned around after a few minutes and went to a more populated trail.  

Just ignore that ugly mud swamp thing to the left. Anyways, I'm in love with this cute bridge. 

-Here's some awkwardness worth a little glory. Last night right after I got done running on the treadmill I was walking away from the machine and trying to change the song on my ipod. Weak legs+not paying attention=disaster. I ended up walking right smack dab into a weights machine that was directly in front of all the treadmills, so probably like 10 people saw. And it's not like I just bumped into it, no no, I head butted the thing first and then my body awkwardly stubbled into it. So embarrassing. 

-My husband. But seriously. The other night I was having a total meltdown. You see, we're about an hour and a half from Portland, and the boy I nanny for has been in a hospital in Portland for over a week now which means I have to drive 4 hours (traffic adds another half hour each way) every day to this place, then this part time job turns into an all day thing. Seriously I've been gone for 13 hours every day. 

Jesse was supposed to go home on Sunday, but his white blood cells and platelets weren't hight enough so his doctor said he'd still be there until Wednesday (today) at least. Well his mama called me Sunday night to tell me I needed to drive down to Portland the next morning at 7 AM and for the next couple days as well. Anyways. Cue meltdown after I hung up the phone. I knew I just couldn't do this anymore. 

I'm not a super good driver. Especially in the rain. And every single time I drove to Portland it'd pour rain, so this drive was adding so much stress.Plus, a 4 hour commute, is heck. I felt bad telling her I couldn't come last minute, I mean that's not too responsible, but I couldn't stand the thought of driving there one more day. So in the mist of my sobbing Josh went into the other room and called his uncle (without me knowing) whom he's interning with and asked for the day off so he could drive me to Portland. That way I wouldn't be bailing on her last minute and could talk to her in person, and I wouldn't have to drive the 4 hours.

His uncle said that was just fine and Josh came in and told me the news. Best. Husband. Ever. I had never felt more heard or loved before in my entire life. He did this without me even asking, and in the end everything turned out perfectly. After arriving at the hospital I told the mama that I couldn't make the drive anymore. She was very understanding. And now I don't have to keep making the drive. All because my hubs is so great. 

Seriously. The greatest. 

PS I'd like to congratulate Lily Kwan for winning the Pure Impressions giveaway! Stay tuned because there will be another giveaway with Pure Impressions this Spring!



  1. I think that you're super adorable and I am so glad I found this blog on the blog hop.....
    I am your newest follower and can't wait to read more:) (P.S. I am incredibly jealous that you can pull that red polka dot shirt off-- TOO CUTE!)

    Hoping you'll stop by and say hey sometime.

  2. Way to go, Josh! Taming the meltdowns is love at its best. Sweet!

    I'm loving your photos of the NW!