Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Leather and Chunky Necklaces, Man.

Op. Hello lady, didn't know you were in my picture. 

Where I got it:
Jacket-Leonardo DiVinci
Chunky Necklace-Charlotte Russe
Shirt and boots-Forever 21

Quirkiness ---->
-I have an intense obsession with sleeping in Josh's shirts these days, especially his big flannel ones. Ohmygosh. Comfiest stuff ever. Girls if you're married and your hubs has some of those soft, luxurious  flannel shirts, you should try it out. 

-Planning out Josh and my semesters and organizing them so we're in class at the same time and have breaks together. Quirkiness comes in when I say the semester doesn't start until April...22th. And I don't sign up for classes until March...5th. :)

Most awesome of awesomeness moments ---->
-Hubster and I head into the gym and the lady at the counter looks at Josh, then me, and a little convo like this begins:
Lady to Josh: Didn't you come in with a guy yesterday?
Lady: Yeah, I thought I remembered you weren't with a girl, you were with a guy.
Me (look at both people and smile silently inside that this lady obviously found my hubster attractive, and basked at the slight awkwardness of her hitting on my husband right in front of me-'oh, this'll be good once she realizes we're married' I thought)
Josh: No, we came in together.
Lady: Huh. You must have a big family, since your gym code is so long. (Probably hinting that she thought I was his sister-also, sidenote, the higher the code, the more people in your family, so it would be 25601 or something for two people and for us he's 8____ and I'm 9____)
Me:Yeah, we're just here interning with my husbands uncle and our codes were added onto his families.
Lady to Josh: Oh! Hah. Alright. I must have confused you with someone else then.
Loved every second of that moment. Man. It's so great being married to a total hottie. 



  1. Bwahahaha! I love your responses. Oh, and that one face...let me see, 4th picture down. Classic. And the 5th. They just remind me of why I adore you.

  2. Adorable outfit! And, oh boy, what an awkward conversation...she must have been embarrassed!


  3. I know what you mean about sleeping in the flannels! soooo wonderfully comfortable.

  4. You are just adorableness...way to pull off the chunky necklaces! Cheers <3

  5. Oooo... girl! Those husband flannel shirts, I don't just wear them to sleep, I wear them everywhere. They have become more my wardrobe than his. hahah

  6. Sleeping in the boys shirts are just the best thing ever!

    Cute outfit! I have similar wedges and I am so obsessed with them!