Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forest Green and Ice Cream Cones

Getting Josh to take pictures of me can be an art or a disaster. Boy can have 'skillz' or boy can 'lazily point camera in a certain direction click it a couple times then go inside'. Today however, he was feelin it so much, that he didn't even notice the large chunk of hair that happened to be strangling my neck in every.single.picture. And when he handed me the camera and I browsed the pictures and noticed that chunk of hair, then looked down and saw that it was still there he already lost his motivation and was heading inside to hibernate from the cold weather. So I'm sorry about that awkward lost hair, but these pictures were the most subtle out of...21. 

Where I got it:
Shirt-American Eagle
Necklace-Pure Impressions
Shoes-Forever 21


-So I stubbed my toe, started freaking out slightly-can you blame me? My toe was radiating with pain. Then Josh just starts saying over and over super fast, "it gets better, it gets better". I just started bursting out laughing from his consoling words and forgot about my little toe. Maybe this was one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I love that guy of mine. 

-We're staying at Josh's grandfather's house and he's been going through his house and cleaning/organizing everything. Well he recently found a stack of 50 post cards with furry animals on them (kittens, puppies bunnies, etc.) and since I'm the writer in the family, and an animal lover, I obviously inherited every single one. All I can say is missionary friends, and future missionary friends, you're in for a total treat. 

-Just to let you all know drinking Dr Pepper then Slim Fast right after-not a fantastic combo. Seriously, nasty after taste. For now on my love for both will be separated with a cracker or something. 


-King Kone, the local hole in the wall ice cream place, where you can get ice cream cones the size of your face for a dollar twenty five. Keep in mind, this wasn't even a large. 

-Slim Fast errday. I can feel myself getting slimmer, I think this stuff really works!