Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Christmas Adam, YIPPEE!

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My apologies for the lateness of this post, the internet here is very unpredictable. I may or may not have had to restart this post like 5 times. But alas, here it is!

Where I got it:
Shirt, belt, and necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Ross
Tights: Target (sooo comfy and warm, wear them under my sweats and jeans alll the time)
Shoes: Clarks

-Dropping my hairspray bottle and somehow breaking the nozzle so it constantly sprays when you move it. While it was laying down on the ground it just sprayed nonstop, into the ozone, and when I picked it up it stopped spraying, until I brought it close to my face to examine the nozzle, then it started spraying again...right in my eye. How convenient! 

-Texting someone and then realizing you have two people with the EXACT same name in your phone and you'd been texting the wrong person for like half an hour and bonding over old memories. Yeah that person probably realized way before I did because she finally just stopped texting me back. Awkward. SO awkward. 

-Went to a 10 PM showing of Skyfall and upon entering the theater Josh's mom starts Woo Hoo'ing and says "We're the only ones in the theater!" Right then I noticed a couple sitting in the corner, they looked up with these wide, confused eyes. Josh's mom then realized we weren't alone, and it was extremely humorous. 

-We came home last night and the heater broke so the whole house is currently 50 degrees, the heating guys still have yet to arrive, so Josh is currently sporting his mother's fleece nightgown over his sweats. Hot. 

-Eating delicious food ALL the time. Love vacationing with family. Wake up at 11 every morning, eat some breakfast, watch Grey's Anatomy, eat some lunch, take a nap, have dinner cooked for me, watch a movie, sleep, repeat. I could get used to this.

-Having little animals here to cuddle with. I miss having pets. So I have officially started begging Josh for one... Maybe one day. 

-Staying in my pajamas for like eighty-five percent of every day.

-I told Pom Pom (Josh's grandpa) that I love Dr. Pepper, so now every time I come over he has a can of Dr. Pepper waiting for me. So sweet :)

Now some pictures for our weekend in Oregon, visiting the extended family!

I kind of like how my hair turned out that day. 

So green and beautiful, it's hard to not fall in love with this place. 

Heading back to Seattle, see ya next weekend Oregon!

Seriously obsessed with this sign. The mustache and hat just make it. 

Peppermint hot cocoa, Mmm Mmm!



  1. love your eyes..

  2. I love your top and shoes! I totally know what you mean about pets. I miss having pets so much I am begging my bf to get me a puppy for christmas next year lol

  3. I love that pretty lace top, it's so pretty and the color looks great on you! I hope your heater gets fixed soon, it's so cold! We just got a bunch of snow here last night so I feel your pain. Just stumbled upon your blog and I've loved looking around, can't wait to keep reading!!


  4. I may or may not be stalking at the moment. Can you tell? Plethora of comments? Okay. I love Oregon. SO SO much. Are you guys living there permanently? What part of Oregon? Okay I'm done I promise.


    1. Amanda you are so sweet, thanks for all your comments! We moved to the Northwest area of Oregon, about an hour south of Portland. We'll only be here for the semester because we landed some internships in the area. We'll be going back to Idaho to finish up our undergrads next semester though.