Saturday, December 29, 2012

Can You Point Me To The Harbor?

My husband is a model. 
I'm so in love with this new shirt, anchors and sail boats. 

The camera was lovin his sass :)

Where he got it:
Shirt- Old Navy
Pants- Pacsun
Shoes- Walmart

Happy Saturday everyone! 

Josh and I are settling right in here in Oregon, and I am falling hard and fast for the Northwest. 

-Josh's sister Courtney got her wisdom teeth pulled out. Hilarious. I think the best form of entertainment is someone who is coming to after surgery. She was looking around at everyone all weird, then she realized who we are and she'd be okay. Then 10 seconds later she'd be startled and look at us weird again, she was like that guy from 50 First Dates that has a memory of 30 seconds. Yep, as I said. Hilarious. 

-In-laws. I seriously feel like I have the best. Every single one of them is always so sweet and inclusive. I am so happy to be a part of this family. 

Love this guy.



  1. You are adorable! And I love the you made your man wear polka dots! So awesome. Also I see on your sidebar that you know Deidre from Love, the Skinnys. I love her! Such a small blogging world, huh? Just found your blog and have enjoyed looking around and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

  2. I am so happy for you, darling! You both look great. I loved this post and the one before it, but decided to leave a comment just on this one. Loved the nativity re-creation pic. Do you have a leopard snuggie like I do?! Or tiger. I forget what print it is...but it's amaaaazingly comfy! Especially on clearance for $2.50 Now, I'm glad you are settling in, but move to FL already! :P xoxo

    1. Brani! I do have a leopard print snuggie, it is seriously amazing. Haha we shall see where we end up in dental school :) but if it is in Florida, we can be friends...FOREVER.

    2. Yayayaya! Imma start praying now! :)

  3. You guys are cute, my hubby would move to the Northwest in a heartbeat but never wear that shirt! :) so glad you linked up with Simply Better. Really like your blog!