Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Your Wish is My Command

You may wonder why I always have a "post theme song." Well, whenever I write posts I like to listen to one song on repeat, it helps me create the mood, and that is the song I embed. I figure it adds to the ambiance. 

Just ignore the confused look on my face in that second picture...

Where I got it:
Blazer and chunky pearl neckalce: Forever 21
Shirt: Target
Pants and shoes: American Eagle

Winter is KILLIN me! When I get off work at 5 pm it's already dark outside. What is this. So I'm sorry it's kind of hard to see the pictures of my new fav outfit, but hopefully you get the gist!

Just walkin in my sleep these days...
New favorite creepy sleep talking story happened recently.

Josh was once again in the other room doing homework and I had gone to bed. The bedroom door was open so Josh had a perfect view of this little situation.

I somehow walked over to the curtain in our bedroom and pulled it back super fast.
Me: Gotcha! 8D (extremely happy face)
Josh walks into the room
Josh: Lauren? What did you see?
Me: What! How did you get out so fast? I just saw you in here...
Josh: If you ever see someone back there-it's not me. I can promise you that I would never hide behind that curtain and stare at you until you wake up. So if you think you see me-you actually don't. Okay?
Me: Okay?
Fell back asleep. 
I've never slept walked before, and I find it extremely eerie that this same scene keeps reoccuring. Goodness, what's next? I'm going to wake up in a park-naked?!
I hear people that sleep walk do pretty freaky things. *gulp*

Also, just a little exciting tidbit, my internship has officially been approved for next semester! Joshy and I are heading to Oregon! I can't wait to work for my grandparents publishing company (Daniels Publishing), and to be their "Publishing and Editing Assistant"!

That's right, Little Laur is movin up in the world. Watch out world, cause here-I-come.

Okay blogger friends. This is your chance to say what you want more of! Would you like make-up tips? Another hair tutorial (if so, what kind)? Any particular fashion advice? Would you like to know more about me? Josh? Us?

The floor is yours! Your wish is my command.

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  1. Hi Lauren... I just found your blog. You look aorable in all these to-die-for outfits. Loove your blog. New follower :)

  2. I love this! I am always listening to the same song for a blog post, it really does help!!