Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Entire Cat Population Is My Best Friend

Where I got it:
Blazer and shirt-Forever 21
Shoes-Famous Footwear


-Dreamt in Spanish the other night, well, it was probably more like gibberish since I haven't taken a Spanish class in 4 years. Either way, I woke up feeling super cool. 

-Josh finding this sweater online and stating that it was made for me. 
He is so right.

-The hubster and I celebrated our 4 month anniversary (cause we're super cheesy and cool like that). Well, it was actually on Tuesday and we forgot. Then Wednesday night while I was making enchiladas (recipe here) we remembered and decided to celebrate by having a 2 minute dance party in the kitchen, then headed to Horkley's to get monster sized sodas, and finished it off with seeing Taken 2. (Not the most romantic movie ever, but it was still awesome).

Love him so so much!


-Husband is getting good at this photography thing. 
"Turn around," he says "smack your booty." "The camera is loving you," "show me a smile, now look serious," "you're nailin it babe!"  
Husband always makes these occasions quite eventful. And I love it!

-Bringing a whole new level of creepiness to sleep talking.
Me: (giggling)
Hubs: What are you laughing about?
Me: That little girl! She's so cute!
Hubs (who also happens to be really freaked out by, ohh just little creepy girls. Ex. girl from the ring) Umm what girl?
Me: The girl up there, in my head!
Hubs (getting super nervous): Are you awake?
Me (look over at him): Of course I'm awake.
Me: (start giggling again) I'm not crazy!

When Josh told me that story I seriously questioned my sanity. Poor, poor husband. I wonder how he ever sleeps. 

Stay tuned, later this week I'll be posting my first makeup tutorial



  1. I love this story! It's pretty funny :) It also sounds like my husband who happens to talk about numbers and formulas in his sleep (he works in finance). He also has the tendency to ask me to call people during the middle of the night 0_o.....

  2. I love the wash of your pants! And that sweatshirt is seriously the greatest thing ever.


  3. such a funny story!!! I literally said to my hubby and he cracked up to, after saying man that would be super creepy!!

  4. Funny story! Thanks for sharing :) Also, I love your blazer!

    I'm a new follower from the Thirsty Thuesday Blog Hop :)


  5. such a cute look! I love the polka dots on the blazer :)

    Found you from the link up! I am your newest GFC follower :)

  6. you are such a doll!


    love & cheer from :)

  7. Cute look! I love the cuffs on your blazer. I am such a sucker for polka dots :)

  8. Hey Lauren!

    I LOVE that you celebrated your anniversary even though it was late. I come up with every excuse to celebrate. This year, we forgot to celebrate the two year anniversary from when we started dating on October 17th, so instead, I made us celebrate it on November 17th, a month later. haha.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I have tons of friends out here who are married to dental students, and it's fun to sympathize with them as a med school wife. Good luck to your hubby with his interviews; I'm sure they will work out just how they are supposed to. Cute cute blog :)

  9. LOL- I'd be your twin in that tee- but I love dogs too...

    Thank you for linking up on Photo Friday- I am soooo looking forward to the makeup tutorial...and maybe hair? Yours looks great and I am having a bit of a pre-winter crisis- I always panic and want to cut it off when it gets cold, but then grow it out in the spring. How does that make sense?


    1. Hey Ladies Holiday! I have a hair tutorial here:
      You should check it out! My makeup tutorial should be up either Saturday or Sunday.

      Thanks for following :)

  10. I loved this post! When I was first married ( a whopping 4 years ago) I would talk in my sleep ALL THE TIME! I once sang my husband happy birthday and gave him a kiss. I woke up screaming for someone to get out of my room, and once my husband woke up because his face was getting wet......because I was spitting on him!
    I am happy to report that in about 2.5 years we have not had any sleep talking issues. Maybe it's a newlywed thing. Hopefully you grow out of it. If not, just enjoy the laughs. Being a newlywed is so much fun! Happy 4 months!

    P.S. I came over from the Blog Walk. It's nice to meet you!
    Jessie @ Life with the Larsons

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    2. Jessie, this gives me hope! Oh my goodness, those stories are sooo funny! Fingers crossed that I grow out of this like you do. :)

  11. Hi! Found you from the weekend blog hop! Super cute blog! Looking forward to your posts. Would love a visit from you over at Moms Surviving Kids!