Monday, November 19, 2012

Photo Shoot with Missy Moo

My absolutely beautiful and talented friend Missy from the Coloring Joy blog took these pictures of me today! We had quite the blast giggling, braving the cold winds, and discussing blog stuff. Love her. Missy Moo also made my "I'm Lauren" picture (to your left) and is working on a custom header for my blog. Don't know what I would do without her. 

Anyways, you guys should check out her blog, she's adorable! 

Where I got it:
Shirt, necklace, belt-Forever 21
Sass-My Mama

Now some awesomeness I know you all are dying to hear about!

-Got an A on my article analysis paper for English 450, booooyeah! 
-Joshers got an A on the hardest Biochem exam of the year-flippin stud muffin. 
-We leave for Colorado tomorrow for Thanksgiving break-holy sweetness. So excited to have a full fridge and pantry to graze again.

And some quirkiness... 

-Josh and I spent our entire weekend studying and doing homework. So. Ready. For. A. Break. You know you're married when you stay up until 1 AM on a Friday night...doing homework with your husband. 
-We packed our suitcase full of dirty clothes so we could do our laundry for free at my parents.
-Wearing tights under my pants because it's just so cold outside!
-Blocking traffic while I try to parallel park for a few minutes until I gave up and sheepishly drove away. It's not too embarrassing until people start honking at you.... Josh makes it look so easy! Then I try to pull in and my entire back is hanging out 10 feet. Gosh Colorado, why didn't you teach me how to parallel park in drivers ed?! 

I promise to grace you all with my presence during the break. I shall not forget about my blogging buddies! And hopefully I'll get some adorable pictures of my nieces and nephews because they'll allll be in CO this weekend. Can't wait! 



  1. you are so gorgeous! I am loving these photos!

  2. 1. you are hot. (as usual)
    2. i love that you have post theme songs!

  3. I agree with SarahJane! Perfect! I love the outfit, you look gorgeous/adorbz, and I just love this post. You're making the rest of us look bad! Haha

  4. Love the pictures and you are welcome to come over to our place to do laundry. We have a washer and dryer in our apt and it's free!

  5. I just found your blog through a your link up with because my girl also did a link up with her. I absolutely LOVE this shirt/belt/necklace combo! Glad I found you! :)

  6. I've done the tights-under-pants thing before, too! Sometimes it's just necessary. I think this is a great look. Can't go wrong with lace! :)

  7. Love a little white in the colder months! Love your gorgeous lace top too!