Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Thursday To All, and To All A Happy Thursday!

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Right before class started there was a huge crash. Everyone looked over and this little man who sits in the corner pushed his chair over and was crouching over it. (Keep in mind, this is the same young man who always takes his shoes off the moment class starts, interesting fellow)
Anyways, young man started spinning the wheels super fast.

Teacher: What are you doing there?

Young man: By the time I'm done-none of these chairs will be over a foot off the ground!

I guess he was trying to make the chairs shorter. As soon as he was done with that one, he toppled the one next to it over and did the same thing.


Some English majors...

Scary Happenings!

Yesterday I had to run home to grab Josh's dental carving kit and there were a ton of police just outside our apartment and across the street. 

Weiiiird. Most be a fugitive, I thought.

Turns out it was!

On my way home from dropping off Josh's kit I was about to turn into our apartment and two cop cars pulled over a guy right in front of me. No big deal you may say.

Until the cops pulled out GINORMOUS machine guns, ran up to the car and pointed the guns through the window. 

In order to get home I had to drive past the cars. Are you kidding me?!

I was convinced this person was going to shot me if I drove by. So I sat in the turning lane. And waited.

The cops ended up letting the guy go-must've not been the guy they were looking for.

Later that night Josh and I looked online and an armed man held the bank (just down the road from us) hostage, stole a bunch of money, then locked all the employees in a safe.

I thought Rexburg was supposed to be safe? Hmmm!

Sadly I have no glamours shots for this post.

Today was just one of those days where I didn't feel or look my best. So instead I decided to take low quality photos with the hubs and put a couple on here for your enjoyment.

Yeah, I think we'll have pretty (interesting) babies...

One More Thing...

Check out my newest button, the adorable round one. Brani from "That's Just Lovely" made it for me. You guys should check out her blog, she is so so sweet and becoming a great friend!



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