Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hair, Halloween, Humor, and Fashion

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How to get curls galore: 

First off I'd like to give a shout out to Breanne Lindner-love her to death. She asked how I do my curls, and I'm flattered. It took me forever to try and figure out the perfect curl for my hair. I spent years with frizzy, awkward, and hideous curls before I found my hair soulmate.

I've tried every type of curling iron and style, basically I'd consider myself a pro. Not really, but kind of I guess. Well, I'll just say yes for the sake of my credentials.

I call this hair trick, "The Wrap of Goddesses"(because you wrap the hair around the barrel and the word "Goddesses" makes it sound flawless).

I actually don't call it that-it was just the catchiest thing I could think of right now.

Before we get started here are a few tips:
1. Large barrels are always better than thin ones. My curling iron is 1 1/2 in. barrel. Brand=hot tools. Seriously, best curling iron I've ever used. Right now big, loose, wavy curls are in. You can't get these with a 1 in. barrel. I've tried with my 1 in. and it just doesn't turn out the same.
2. Put it on one of the hottest settings, curls much faster. Some hairstylists may cringe when I say that, but when the iron is on a low setting I'll spend minutes trying to curl one tiny section of hair-and who has time for that? So moving on.
3. Turn on a straightener too, just in case you get a couple kinks or have a cow lick (like I do), a straightener will come in handy!

Hair Prep:

(Basic Hair essentials:Hot Iron Prep Spray, Hairspray, and shinning/healing oil)

Hot iron spray: Protects the hair from harsh hot tools that are damaging. It also makes hair so much more soft, and truly is a must when using a curling iron/straightener.

Hairspray: Rave is my absolute favorite. Can be found at Wal-Mart, also happens to be the cheapest kind there. Sweet beans. I love this brand because it's not sticky or flakey like many other kinds. Plus it's super strong and holds my hair in place all day. Trust me, the stuff is great.

Agadir Oil: Great for healing hair damage and bringing moisture so your hair doesn't look dry. I feel like Idaho sucks any moisture out of my face and especially my hair, which makes it look absolutely lifeless. This stuff is not only great for split ends, but it makes hair so much softer. Although, I consider it as more of a luxury than a must have. 

What you need:
1. Flat iron
2. 1 1/2 in curling iron
3. Comb
4. Hair clip 

My technique/tricks:

First. I like to cheat a little when curling my hair. I straighten the tiniest section of my bottom layer to make everything look longer. I just hate how short hair looks after getting curled. This way my hair looks much longer. Warning: don't do a thick section or it'll show through the curls. This is when I also run the straightener over my cow lick and any funky pieces of hair.

Next, divide your hair into sections, and while pointing the curling iron down, wrap pieces around the curling iron while holding it open. Do this for each section until you get to the last.

I don't like having flat hair, so I tease the top section before I curl it. This also gives it more body!  

Then finish curling the rest, and when you're done scrunch up the hair and run your fingers through it a little. 

And then-magnifico! (I straightened my hair the day before so it didn't turn out as curly as it usually does, but you get the gist-right?)

If you have any questions, post a comment or send me an email!


Josh worked until midnight so I spent the evening with my friend Missy, whose husband also happened to be working until late. We binged on candy and pizza while watching the creepy movie-"Halloween".

I've been on a candy high ever since. Yep, I'm most definitely eating Reese's for lunch while typing this in the library. It was Halloween- don't judge.

Humorous Happenings

1. Flowers? 

I recently went to my old apartment and got all of my flower vases that somehow got left behind. I put them throughout the apartment and keep mentioning how there are no flowers in them, how flowers bring happiness to the soul, especially my soul.

Let's see if the man gets a hint.

2. Still talking in my sleep.

Favorite sleep talking story, thus far, took place last night. Josh was studying in the living room and I fell asleep in our bedroom. Suddenly around 12ish I woke up, and this is what happened:

Me: What! What are you doing? Why are you hiding back there?
Josh comes into the room
Josh: What's wrong?
Me: Wait? You're not behind the curtain?! (our storage closest is massive and located in our bedroom, only separated by a curtain)
Josh: Nope. I've been out here studying.
Me: But I just saw a hand reach through there...
Josh: Are you sure you weren't sleeping?
Me: No I was wide awake when I saw it! (eyes were wide open-trying to emphasize how awake I was)
Then I must have realized if Josh was in the other room, the 'hand" was someone else's. I panicked and started waving towards the curtain, demanding that Josh look over there.
Josh pulled back the curtain and no one was there. I then smiled, laid my head down, and fell right back to sleep. 

I have no idea how we have these conversations and there is no recollection in my mind the next day.

3. See ya lata Hubster.
We were studying together in the library and I had to leave for class.
Me: Bye husband, I love you!
Totally saw him gush a little inside. Made me smile from the inside out. He totally wants me. 

4. Date night? 8l
Josh: I'm taking you on a hot date tonight.
Me: Oh yeah, where are me going? (playfully)
Josh: To the cadaver lab.
Me: Seriously? (eyes big, mouth drooping open, limbs go numb)
Josh: Yep.

(Background- Josh is a TA for Anatomy and Physiology and the cadavers make him a little uncomfortable, which makes it hard for him to use them while teaching. He was telling the head TA about it and the guy recommended Josh goes in after hours to practice using them and get better aquatinted with the bodies. So Josh, being the busy boy he is, decided the only time he had to check out the cadavers was Saturday night-and he didn't want to go in alone. Which ta-dah meant cadaver date night.)

I started sputtering out: But, but- what if they smell? What if they scare me? What if I pass out? Or throw up? What if one comes alive!? But Jooosh I'm an English major-we don't actually experience creepy things like that, we just WRITE about them and pretend we were there. (said with a sincerely heart breaking face).

Josh was not amused, and it was settled. We were going. The things I do for him... I'll make sure to mention how it went in my next post.

And Some Fashion...

Now here's a little outfit I put together:

Where I got it:
Brown leather jacket: Leonardo Da Vinci
Shirt: Vanity
Necklace: Charlotte Ruse
Belt: Target
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: JcPenny

Just one more piece of awesomeness.

I got a postcard from the infamous Sister Madison Carver, it travelled all the way from Russia to our little apartment in Idaho. It made me giggle, smile, and mostly-made me miss her. So here's a shout out to the lovely Maddie, because that girl is all sorts of perfect. (Maddie is in "Our Love Story" page, Josh and I met through her.

Fellow blog readers I know many of you don't have a blogger account so you can't be one of my followers. But- you can still show me some love by liking my fb page here.

Muchas gracias amigos!



  1. Thanks for the hair tutorial, Lauren! (And for using "whose" instead of incorrectly using "who's" in your writing - I love the English major in you.)I need to find a way to get my hands on a larger curling iron! Oh, I did have one question: When you curl your hair, do you curl all the pieces away from your face, toward your face, or do you alternate the direction of the curls?

  2. I appreciate your knowledge of grammar :) I curl the pieces away from my face, I keep the same curl direction until I get to the back of my head, then I switch it, that way the curls don't go half away from my face and half towards (hopefully that makes sense haha).
    I got my curling iron at Sally's Beauty last semester for $40 if I remember correctly. Definitely worth the investment-nothing beats hot tools.

  3. you have an adorable blog and gorgeous hair!! love it!

    Helene in Between

  4. Thanks Helene, you are so sweet! I love your hair though-it looks so natural and beautiful.