Saturday, November 17, 2012

Excuse me, Miss...

Okay, okay. I admit it. I HATE being home alone. Especially at night. So what happens when Josh TA's an open lab for Anatomy and Physiology until 10 pm? Well I come with him of course!

This is the little scenario:
Just got done with zumba. Hair was a mess. Yoga pants and baggy t-shirt. Lookin super fresh, ya know what I mean.

I rolled on in to the lab and parked my sweaty bod right in front of the class. Josh was running around, answering questions (side note: super hot how smart he is).

Probably 10ish people came and asked me questions, mistaking the sweaty, completely unprofessional dressed person (aka me) as a TA. 

These questions weren't simple, no, of course not. These were the kind of questions that take 2 minutes of non stop talking or breathing of this individual so I couldn't interject. I don't know what was more awkward, having me sit there awkwardly waiting for a chance to just tell them I'm not a TA, or afterwards when they realized they spent all that time asking the question to someone who had no idea what they were talking about. Anyways, it all went a little like this, "Hey! So I was just wondering, if this muscle is the (super complicated name) and this muscle over it is the (yep, not even going to try) then this tendon is probably the (have no idea) but the shape looks a little questionable. So could it actually be the (seriously, how do you guys memorize this stuff) tendon?" Me, "yeahh, sorry I'm actually not a TA, but my husband is and he's right over there-I'm sure he'll know that answer for you!" 

Seriously, sorry guys. 

One boy even after I told him I wasn't a TA asked me another question, and when I told him I still had no idea what he was talking about and I've never taken that class, he said, "Oh, sorry. You just look really smart. I totally thought you were a TA."

Sweet, I'll take that.  


Instead of showing you guys my baggy cardigan and four day hair tonight, I thought I'd put up some old photo session bloopers. Because lets face it, not every picture turns out worthy. 

Oh hey, I think there's something on my jacket...

Op, where ya lookin there Lauren?

That snow is a liiiittle too close to me.

My personal favorite. Oh the awkwardness thrives in this one. 
Trying to do a cool jump, and I failed. 


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  1. I adore you & your awkwardness! Plus, love the meeeeowww pose! I had one, too, but I couldn't post it after you'd already posted yours. xo