Sunday, November 25, 2012


Boston (Album Version) by Augustana on Grooveshark

Photo shoot with the hubs, he did pretty good this time!

And one picture just for your entertainment. 
Where I got it:
Shirt- Old Navy
Belt and tights- Target
Skirt and shoes- Forever 21


-Josh and I went to Kiwi Loco (self serve frozen yogurt place) because we had a buy one get one free coupon. Anyways, turned out Josh's yogurt was the magical weight of the week which meant it was free. So we bought another frozen yogurt and got 3 for the price of one. What are the odds?!

-The power went out at church during the first hour. The speakers were real champs. They just kept talking and trudged through their talks. Power didn't come back on for quite some time though. And by "quite some time" I mean we spent about 2 1/2 of the 3 hours of church in the dark. That doesn't happen every day...

-Have I mentioned I got the new Samsung Galaxy III yet? Let's just say my instagram pictures are going to start being a million times more bangin. So if you have an instagram, you should follow me- laurenerogers727. That way I can start putting this new nifty phone to great use and will start feeling a little more popular... Insta-overload here I come! (Don't worry, if you follow me I'll try not to be too obnoxious)


Well. I had my first experience with starting something on fire today. Isn't it like initiation into wifehood to start something on fire in the kitchen? This is what happened. 

Makin cookies, life is all dandy. Boom-brown sugar is rock solid. Oh I know what I'll do, I thought, I'll just throw it in the microwave like my mom does to soften it up. Only catch, I forgot to take off the metal twisty tie wrapped around it. 

In a matter of seconds there was a loud pop which made me scream a little, and a fire set ablaze in our microwave. I opened the door, smoke came gusting out, Josh told me to fan our fire alarm so it wouldn't go off...again. End result, melted plastic inside the (still hard) brown sugar. Guess I need to buy some more brown sugar. 



  1. First, you are so pretty! Second, I love fro yo and I would be so excited! Third, I can't believe everyone still stayed at church? I feel like everyone in my ward would go home. Fourth, Do you like the galaxy III? I have been thinking about getting one. Did you get a good deal? And lastly, That is hilarious! I started pumpkin seeds on fire in the oven once... I feel like it is a once in a life time kind of a thing haha love it!

    1. Hey Sarah!
      Ah you are so nice! Hah, I'd love to hear that pumpkin seed story! So far I'm loving the Galaxy III. I was over due for an upgrade at T-Moblie so I got the best deal they offer, it was still pretty expensive though. The lady who worked there said the Galaxy III is rated higher than the iPhone5, after that I was sold. So far everything's great!

  2. I have yet to start any kitchen fires myself, but I've seen microwave fires started from those twisty ties--they're dangerous!

    1. I completely agree! Twisty ties and microwaves create pure, pure horror.

  3. love the outfit...i would be terrified if I set something on fire! at least it didn't end too tragically!

  4. Hi I am following you from Monday Meet up and this story sounds like something I did just the over day. Just be glad it did not get any worse. I love the skirt you wore in the pictures... it is light and cute :)
    I would love for you to follow along.

  5. love your outfit and those boots are so cute! yay for extra fro-yo :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  6. so cute and yeah for free frozen yogurt. Dont worry about the fire. You'll catch plenty more things on fire! (I typically "forget" and put a dishtowel too close to a hot burner. literal flames and destroyed dishtowels. Ha!

  7. Great look! Love the booties!

  8. Cute outfit and cute photos!

    I've found that brown sugar stays soft longer if you get an airtight storage canister. I used to have the same issue when I just twisty-tied the bag it came in. Never had a fire, though! Well, at least not from that. ;)

  9. Okay, first thing's first. We just got that welcome mat for one of my best friends for her couples' wedding shower because they have a dachsund (sp?) so it's hilarious that you have it. I love it! Second, you are so pretty and I looooove your outfit! Third, that is a funny/cute story and it's okay. You got your first li'l accident out of the way and at least Josh was there to save the day! ;)

  10. Love this outfit- that skirt is so cute! Sorry about the microwave mishap though!