Saturday, November 24, 2012

Colorado Lovin

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Thanksgiving in Colorado was a blast!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend:
Had a wonderful time with these kiddos!

They played nice... most of the time. There was an occasional power struggle. 

Miss Lucy and her blue, blue eyes. 
Cousins being  adorable. 
Mason, extremely happy to be at the park. 

Ryle LOVED the slide. And ordering everyone to sit and play house with her.

It's impossible to get this many kids to be happy for one picture. At least we tried. :)

S'mores with the family, and Josh-what have you been up to? You have your guilty face on... :)

Dad makes deeelicious pies! 

And some favorite memories:

-Chasing after two toddlers who were running full speed towards a pond in opposite directions. Not funny children! I finally rounded up the kids and made it back to the park with the rest of the gang. My mom and sister smile at me and say at the same time, "Birth Control." No kidding... 

-Playing charades with the family and seeing Josh start the game out pretending to be a ballerina for "the Nutcracker." It was epic. Another prompt read "changing a diaper" so my brother in law tackles Ethan (5 year old nephew) on the floor and pretended to change a diaper. The person guessing yelled out, "Oh! Cooking a ham!" Not quite...

-Going through my old yearbooks with Josh and laughing at all the notes people wrote me. And laughing especially hard at my embarrassing childhood photos. Then finding a book of poems I drew pictures for (probably around 1st grade), and questioning my sanity. There happened to be a drawing of an alligator ripping apart a squirrel and blood gushing everywhere while I saved a puppy dog... I blame that on being the youngest. Youngest children get exposed to all sorts of things. 

-Josh and I were at the Denver airport waiting for our flight. I was resting my head on his shoulder while he was on the computer. Little girl in front of us pats her mom, points to us and says "Aw! She loves her daddy!" We were a tad disturbed from that. 

Alright that's all I have for tonight. Until next time fellow blog readers!



  1. Cooking a ham! LOL I looove the first picture :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  2. hm. nobody ever told me about birth control.... haha ;)

  3. Haha love the last story about you and Josh at the airport!!

  4. Oh,Lauren,how funny! Love the pics of the kids! Cute!