Monday, October 1, 2012

"Ohmygosh what is THAT?"

Today I am posting my very first fashion blog. I'm extremely excited. 
But, I decided a whole blog post can't JUST be on clothes, so I decided this blog will be dedicated to Fashion and Entertainment

Along with some fashion tips and an outfit idea, I'll be telling a funny story about being a newlywed thus far (hint. it has to deal with the post title). 


Burgundy and Mint Blue are destined to be together. 
'Nuf said.

Not only were these my wedding colors, but they're also the inspiration for this outfit. (Still trying to figure out poses and how to not be awkward in front of the camera)

Mint Blue Necklace: Forever 21
Gray T-shirt and Burgundy Cardigan: Target
White Jeans: Gap
Brown Braided Belt: Hollister 
Brown Boots: Nordstrom Rack


Marriage has a way of opening your eyes to who you really are, but for me specifically, it's been more about, who I am when I'm asleep. 

Apparently, I sleep talk.

I swear, almost every single morning Josh has some funny story about something I said or a conversation we had. And I guess I tend to have a theme of freaking out and yelling "Oh my gosh. What is THAT?!" While pointing to something. At first, Josh was super creeped out, but now, he finds it extremely humorous. Here's a few scenes for your entertainment:

Scene 1: (Us asleep, right after watching a scary movie in a hotel room)
Josh: (suddenly wide awake) What?! What's wrong?!
Me: WHAT is THAT?!
(I point to the ceiling)
Josh: I don't know, I don't see anything...What does it look like?
(Then I fall back to sleep, while he stays wide awake looking for any sign of monsters or creatures)

Scene 2: (We're in bed asleep again, this time in our apartment)
Me: Oh my gosh, what is that? (This time I'm a lot more calm)
Josh: (Wakes up) What's what?
Me: That! Over there! (I point to the ceiling again) I think it's a spider web!
Josh: There's nothing there. (He tries putting his arm around me for comfort)
Me: Hehehe Joooosh, I'm too sweepys! (sleepy)
I then slightly push his arm away.
I don't know if he was more creeped out that I was seeing things again, or if his ego was hurt that I thought he was coming on to me while I was asleep and told him I was too tired.
Poor, poor husband.

Scene 3: (Last night, I was asleep and Josh was in the other room doing homework)
Me: Ohmygoooosh! 
Josh runs into the room
Me:What is that behind the curtains?
Josh: Ummm, I don't know. I don't see anything.
Me: But there's something behind the curtains, Josh!
He is suddenly scared and thinks someone is hiding in our bedroom so he takes a quick peep, and sees nothing.
Josh: I'm sorry but I don't think anything's there.
Me: But the curtains! What is that behind them?
Josh: Lauren, do you want to go back to sleep?
Me: Yeahhh.
Pass out
Josh didn't sleep much that night, he kept thinking someone was actually behind the curtains... I slept great though :)

I must be having a reoccurring dream or something. I always knew I talked a little in my sleep, but I didn't know I FREAKED OUT in the middle of the night. Either way, I'm glad I'm at least able to entertain all of you and my hubs.



  1. i always knew you were BORN to be a fashion blogger. haha.

  2. Hahaha thanks Kerri, you should let you dad know-he'd be so proud!

  3. Newest follower! Great first fashion post :)

  4. saw you on what i wore wednesday! i know so last week, well i like your style and im your newest follower!

    Have a great day