Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion, Funnies, and an Announcement!

This girl in my Visual Media class told me I looked cute today.
Made my day.
This girl always looks adorable, so it made me feel extra cool that I looked cute enough for her to compliment me. 
So I felt confident and decided to post my outfit.
I call this "Dark Blue, Dark Blue"

where I got it- 
Gray Peacoat: Tilly's
Navy Button-up: Ross
Floral Scarf: Street vendor in Rome, Italy
Khaki Pants: Target
Boots: Famous Footwear (?)

I guess it's true what Mama always said, "Lauren, wear dark blue- it makes your eyes pop!" Mama's always know what they're talking about.
I'll admit, I do believe this is my color. The one that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. The color of my soul. The color of my aura, you know, all that mushy stuff.
Me+navy= <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

Now here are some recent happenings and an announcement I think everyone will be excited about, so keep reading-my fellow blog readers.

Recent Happenings That Make Me Happy

1.Ohmygoodness. This video.

Josh and I found the treasure this weekend and cannot stop laughing. Please, check it out, promise you won't regret it.

"Cat Jump Fail Sail"

I know, we're weird, we love cat videos and memes. Sometimes we'll stay up late looking at funny cat photos on Pinterest... That's when you know you're destined to be with someone-you share the same odd fetishes. 

2. Chainsaw Humor

This past weekend Josh and I went to the haunted hay maze with our friends Missy and John.... 
Well. Haunted mazes are filled to the brims with creepy chainsaw people. The whole time I was terrified to turn a corner because I imagined a person with a white hockey mask, ready to chase me until I cry.
Flash back.
I have a strong dispassion for chainsaws, ever since I saw the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" commercial I haven't been the same. And that was just a commercial! 
Still flash back.
Imagine this. 16 maybe 17 year old kid named Lauren goes to a haunted corn maze with her friends. The whole time they noticed they hadn't heard a chainsaw-glory day! 
End of maze comes, you have to go through a metal portal in order to get outside. 
Portal is dark. 
Lauren and friends go inside, both doors shut, que-strobe light, BAM chainsaw!
One of the scariest moments of my life. 
We couldn't run out, we were locked in the tiny room, and there was no place to hide. 

The whole time I covered my face with my hands, refusing to acknowledge this guy.He was not pleased. I could hear him putting the chainsaw up to my ear and criss cross it down my body-creep. 
Saying I was traumatized would be putting it lightly. 
When the doors opened, I high tailed it out of there without my friends.
I'm pretty sure this means I would die in a horror movie.

Current day.
Anyways, so we went to the haunted hay maze-Missy and John were in front, we were in the back.
There came a point where Missy and John walked right by this creepy white masked guy. Josh and I saw him and stayed in the shadows so he wouldn't see us. The guy looked at them, pulled out a chainsaw from NO WHERE, turned it on, and then ran after them.

Josh wanted to follow the chainsaw guy so we wouldn't get separated from them, but I literally heaved my body onto his waist and used all of my strength to pull him the other way.
Chainsaw guy? No thank you.

About 10 minutes later we ended up running into them and they said the guy chased them for about 5 minutes straight. There was one point when Missy fell and was crawling on the ground trying to get away.

The fact that this didn't happen to me makes the story about 1 million times funnier to my ears.
But, don't get too disappointed that I didn't have to face my fear...Turns out there were 2 chainsaw guys.
At another point we ran into this huge group and were mingled in the middle. Then, the chainsaw burst to life right next to us. I just started running backwards, not even noticing that I was pushing Josh until I ran him right into a wall.
While we were backed to the wall the guy looked at us and started descending towards our location. I took Josh by the hand and ran as fast as I could down numerous hay walls until I figured we lost him.
Let's face it, I saved his life.

3. Waking up to this-
Josh came home from a meeting at church and made me breakfast on Sunday. Love him.

4. Proud of my hubby

Josh had three massive tests last week, and did phenomenal in all of them! He got the highest score on two of his tests which are each classes of 80 something students.
Anatomy & Physiology II: 98%
Intro to BIology II : 100%
Biochemistry: A-

He is such a hard worker and so smart, any dental school would be lucky to have him. And I cannot wait to see where we end up. (Hopefully North Carolina-please, please, please)
Basically, he's amazing and everyday I'm so happy we ended up together-I couldn't imagine a better life any other way.

5. Earnin money from my blog!

That's right, every time you guys click on my ads, I get money in the baaank. When we got our first deposit from blogger I excitedly told Josh that my blog is clear on the way to stardom. He asked me how much we got, I told him "...25 cents." 

He joined me in my celebration and took my arms, making me dance like spaz and sang "We got money to blooow". Love that man of mine.

Alright, now here's the big announcement!

(No I'm not pregnant-admit it, that thought probably crossed your mind) 

I've received a couple emails from readers who have asked questions about fashion advice and recipes etc. So I decided I'm going to start a Q&A, it can be weekly, biweekly, however often you guys need it to be. 
Ask me about fashion advice, beauty tips, exercise routines, recipes-anything along those lines and I'll be happy to post about it.
My first Q&A will be later this week since I'm still doing some research on it.
But if you have a question you can either leave a comment on a blog post, or send me an email here: (that's with 3 zero's). 
I'm super excited about this idea, and I think it will be a great way for you guys to reach out to me, and for me to fulfill your needs.

Well, that's it folks!


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