Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fashion Giveaway

It snowed. It's been snowing. Huge flakes, slush on the ground, hair getting damp, droplets charging into my eyes- kind of snow. All this cold made me think about warm clothing, what's cute this season, and any must haves I need.

I know I've already blogged about Fall clothing, centering around scarves, boots, and pea coats, link here.

But today, I'm going a different route. For this blog post I'm teaming up with Rachael from the Take it From Me blog and not only am I going to share some fashion insight, but there's going to be a giveaway!

That's right-FREE FALL CLOTHES! 
(more details below)

Sweaters, Boot Cuffs, Gloves

1. I've recently discovered that wearing a short sleeve shirt underneath a jacket is not good for keeping in warmth! The cold seeps in and shocks your skin-no fun at all. 
How do you prevent this catastrophe, you ask? Well, the best way to stay fashionable while being warm is adding layers to your outfit, and what better way than wearing an adorable sweater underneath your jacket!

Seriously, love all of these. Who wouldn't want some of that? My favorite sweater colors and styles are:
  • Mustard yellow, mint blue, light gray, burgandy, black, white, beige, okay-any sweater color is good!
  • Polka dot, stripes-any kind, plain, outdoorsey, birds, unique designs. 
Need some specific examples?

Outdoorsy Sweater Example
(American Eagle usually has tons of cute sweaters with this design)

Bird Sweater
(Forever 21 is the place to go)

2. I strongly believe that boot cuffs are absolutely adorable and a super trendy piece that brings much style to an outfit. This brings me to the first giveaway---Amy Jensen, the founder of Noble Character Crafts has started her own business, making cute boot cuffs. 

Check out her site here.

Amy is going to provide one free pair of choice to the winner of the giveaway! Check out the site, and comment here what your favorite color is. 

Here's my favorite:

3. Gloooves! Nothing is worse than having frost bitten hands. I can't even count how many times I've trudged through the blasted wind to class and found my hands feeling extremely uncomfortable. Exposed skin in the cold=unnaturally dry and itchy skin. 
I feel like I'm constantly putting lotion on, trying to heal my poor skin.

Do you want to know the easiest solution for solving this problem before it exists? 

Try avoiding the harsh windshield by wearing gloves. Yastikizi, a Turkish entrepreneur started her own company designing unique, fun gloves. Her homemade dreams are in my opinion, a must have. 

Check her site here.

Yastikizi decided to join our giveaway by rewarding the winner with a FREE pair of gloves (keep your eye out this giveaway will be posted at Take it From Me soooon)!

Here is a pair from Yastikizi that I love:

Now here's an outfit I put together that shows all the concepts I've been rambling about!

Where I got it:
Navy Pea Coat: Papaya
Scarf: Rue 21
Sweater: Victoria Secret (they actually have way cute clothes there)
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Zappos.com (Steve Madden)
Gloves: Yastikizi

You can join the competition to win a free pair of Noble Character Craft Boot Cuffs below! For info on how to use the Rafflecopter form, check out this video tutorial HERE.



  1. I love the white boot cuffs so cute!! Everything looks great on you Lauren!

  2. OH I LOVE!!!!! I just love your whole outfit! I really REALLY REALLY love the Ivory flecked boot cuffs. Such a cute idea to add buttons to the cuffs! Who'd a thunk? Anyways, can I win me some boot cuffs please??? Of course if I do, I may need to go out and buy some boots.... for those cuffs I would!

  3. They are SOOOO cute!!! I think my favorite is either the white boot cuffs or the wine colored ones. :)I want them!! Also, you are looking mighty hot in these pics! You're a model at heart for sure! (yes...I'm trying to butter you up so I win, but in all actuality, you really are looking amazing!)

  4. Super cute outfit. Love the buttons on the boot cuffs...

  5. I love the Pumpkin cuffs, but I would probably get the Ivory fleck or Tan fleck ones because this would be my first pair and I would want some that go w/about everything. cactusroper2002@yahoo

  6. I like the boot cuffs with the cross on them!