Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blonde Moment

Yes, you may feel free to laugh at my expense...

The other night Josh and I went to the grocery store to snag a few ingredients for dinner. While we were there we decided to buy a couple caffeinated drinks to get us through the rest of the night. Joshy got a Mt Dew,  and I picked the best soda this world has to offer... a Dr. Pepper, the most delicious and addicting drink I have ever tasted.

All night while I was cooking the fajitas I kept thinking about the rich smoothness and delectable taste of my one and only, Dr. P. Only one word could describe my feelings inside and that was, "love". This was surely going to be the best part of my week, indulging in my favorite caffeinated beverage.

If you have never drank a Dr. P you may think I'm being a bit dramatic, or if by some small chance you don't enjoy the soda that I'm pretty sure came straight from the fountains of heaven, then you probably don't understand my passionate love for this beverage. But I love it, so just pretend like you do for the sake of the story.

Dinner finally came and while Josh and I sat down together, I opened up the bottle. As soon as the cap was slightly open the sweet nectar exploded out of all the sides, and I completely froze. I was so distraught over the fact that something I loved so much could hate me so much.

Well the only thing I could think of was running across the room and putting the bottle over the sink until it stopped spurting all over. Meanwhile, the table, floor, and cabinets were covered in my beautiful Dr. P. Then suddenly Josh said,

"Lauren, close the lid."

Oh my gosh.

Why had I not thought of that?

And that's when I realized I had just experienced the worst blonde moment I might have ever had. Don't know why I didn't just close the lid when the bubbles started pounding out of the crack, and don't know why I decided to run across the room.

Well, even though it was completely dumb, Josh was still a pall and helped me clean it up. Good hubby :)