Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Proposal

Ever since Josh asked me to marry him, everyone keeps asking; "Well, how'd he do it?!" I'm not sure how many people read my blog, but I thought I'd post the proposal on here for anyone and everyone to see.

It was over President's Day weekend. I knew it was going to happen then because I made him promise he'd propose before March, he had ordered the ring, and my Mom (love her) spilled the beans that my Dad was flying out to Washington the week before so Josh could ask permission. I assumed that he'd propose after I'd been in WA for a couple days-but he accomplished his goal and completely surprised me defying all the odds that I'd see it coming.

I arrived into the Seattle Airport Friday night, I looked and smelt disgusting after going to school all day then traveling all afternoon and night. Anyways, I scurried off the plane in the exasperated excitement of seeing Josh. I came upon the baggage carousel and didn't see my soon-to-be fiance anywhere. I tried calling him but got his voicemail, waited a couple more minutes, then called again. He said he was coming into the airport right then and he'd see me soon.

He came up behind me and gave me a massive hug. While we were waiting for my bag to arrive a limo add appeared on the advertisement screen on top of the baggage carousel.
Josh: We should get a limo!
Me: Yeah, that'd be cool.
Josh: They could drive us around Seattle, it'd be so much fun.
Me: Josh, when would be ever get a limo? Come on now.

Then my bags arrived and we went outside where Josh informed me that his parents would be taking us back to his house because they wanted to spend more time with me. He made a phone call then we waited for another minute until a limo pulled up next to us.

Josh: There's our ride!
Me: That's not our ride... We were just joking about that.
Josh: No, that's really our ride.
Me: Yeah right-you're totally kidding.
Josh: I promise you I'm not.

Then the limo driver picked up my bag and put it into the trunk.

Me: Oh my gosh, that's our ride.

I went into the limo to find red and pink roses on the seat and sparking cider in the cooler.

Josh: Alright, so the limo is taking us to the Melting Pot (a delicious fondue restaurant) for dinner since you're probably really hungry.

Kiss kiss, notice the privacy window is down and the limo driver can look directly at us. We tried finding a switch to put the window up, but failed to find one.

Me: Josh, go tell the driver to put that window thing up.
Josh: Yeah right, you tell him- I don't want him to think I'm the horny one.

So the window remained gaping open for the entire trip.

Meanwhile Josh was contemplating how to subtly propose. He was planning on having the ring box in his pocket but when the ring arrived that morning he noticed the box was way too massive to fit into his pocket. Last minute (when he missed me call) he decided to stash it into the sparkling cider cooler.

Josh: Let's drink some of the cider, how about you look in the cooler closest to us and I'll look in the one further away because I don't remember which one I put it in.

I opened up the cooler and right on top of the sparkling cider was the ring box. I thought he forgot he put it there and it was an accident so I shut it very quickly and sat back down on the seat.

Me: There's a box in there...
Josh: What kind of a box?
Me: Ummm, a small box?
Josh: Really? What do you think is in there?
Me:... A ring?!
Josh: What makes you think it's a ring, what if there's some beautiful earrings in there?
Me: Earrings?! That could be nice I guess, but hopefully it's a ring.
Josh: Let's open it up and find out.

He picked up the box, got down on one knee, opened it up, and said some absolutely beautiful things to me and asked me to be his wife forever and marry him in the House of the Lord.

Then he put the ring on my finger, we kissed, and made it a deal :)

Our next stop was the Melting Pot. They treated us real nice there, our waiter gave us free Strawberry Daiquiris (virgin), sparkling cider, and chocolate dipped strawberries (to take home).

It was perfect :)